kindergarten and first grade girl wanted to be boy and april and todd

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kindergarten and first grade  girl wanted to be boy and april and todd Empty kindergarten and first grade girl wanted to be boy and april and todd

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Wed Sep 05, 2018

either kindergarten and first grade at the roman catholic elementary school had a playground, and i remember around the monkey bars

similar to this

kindergarten and first grade  girl wanted to be boy and april and todd 17932910

a girl was there, and i remember her saying, and i don't think she was talking to me but maybe she was. or maybe she was talking to someone else or to herself

she was saying she hated being a girl. she wanted to be a boy. she said this several times. she wants to be a boy.

i thought how can you change that? you can't. and why did you hate being a girl anyway, and why do you want to be a boy?

she was a completely normal looking white girl with long hair and she wore the school mandated dress of green checkered skirts and white blouse.

many years later on Survivor, Zeke was outed as being born a girl and is now a trans-man. wikipedia explains how girls can get a penis via taking other parts of a body. ive seen plenty of manly looking butch lesbians with tattoes and nose piercings and shaved heads, but actual trans seems a lot rarer than the reverse.

going back, i doubt she was transgender though. i figured it was just a phase. or maybe she has older brothers or something. or maybe her parents wanted a son, perhaps sports is very important. i can't imagine a reason why a girl at age 5 hates being a girl and wants to be a boy unless her parents said so or older brothers who play sports. i left that school after first grade.

personally there are many boys who want to be girls and grow up to be women. they're called trans-women

back then of course in the 70s i'd never imagine this sort of thing is even possible.

the other thing i remember clearly is a blonde girl named April, and this is age 5 and kindergarten had a crush on a boy named Todd. Same Todd who in first grade correctly pronounced pheasant as feasant with an f sound
i tried to pronounce it p as in peanut and h as in huh not knowing ph sounds like f

April who hadn't yet entered puberty liked Todd. I didn't like or hate girls, but my interests like dinosaurs didn't match up with girls interests. I don't recall any girl interested in dinosaurs. though my interests also didn't match up with most boys as i had almost no interest in sports, and i'm not coordinated. i'm kinda clumsy. a lot of boys including the bully Jeff was into football and baseball. on the playground you see black male teenagers playing basketball and black girls watching them

I remember April and Todd like yesterday after all these years, and i still remember the time of day and place. it was on the playground which was adjacent an empty field.

April told Todd she liked him. she wanted Todd as a boyfriend and this was kindergarten. She and Todd were near the field, just the 2 of them, and i was a short distance away, and she showed Todd something.

Todd called me over and told me to look. Then April showed me what she showed Todd.

It was the very first time in my life i saw how girls were different from boys and i wondered, uh...girls are missing something down there, do girls pee?

i assumed all girls had a penis to pee, without a dick how can you pee? i thought girls and boys were the same except girls always had long hair. what april showed me is that girls are missing something down there.

i still remember that moment like yesterday.

if todd and april are still alive, and if they remember, then out of 7.5 billion people alive on this planet, we are the only 3 to know.

the bullying and attacks by Jeff were so severe i left that school after first grade and i never returned. so i wouldn't think they'd remember me. but there was one time when i was running toward my parents glad to be driven home as opposed to bus, and i tripped and fell. and i remember like yesterday Todd and another boy, not jeff, but Todd's friend, running to me and asking me if i was alright and helping me up.

if jeff's mom aborted jeff, i might have remained at that catholic school and maybe grew up to be friends with Todd. instead i moved to a public school and met a completely different group of kids, same age, and one thing i was exposed to was dungeons and dragons.

girls again wore skirts but we boys wore pants. i don't know if todd showed april his penis but april did show what she had down there to me and todd and i was thinking wow, how did it get cut off? do girls pee and if so how?
were girls born with a penis and somehow it got cut off? i asked my parents and they refused to answer. but yeah i had no idea how girls were different until that moment april showed me what she showed todd, and i was shocked then and i remember it now. basically she and all girls wore skirts and so she simply stretched her skirt and let me and todd look down.
i couldn't believe what i saw. it would be like if half my clasmates didn't have fingers.

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