‎Margaret Atwood Handmaid's Tale and Torah and Judaism and the Old Testament

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‎Margaret Atwood Handmaid's Tale and Torah and Judaism and the Old Testament

Post by redpill on Thu Sep 06, 2018 12:38 pm

Thu Sep 06, 2018

abortion is of course always in the news, and has been since i first paid attention to it in the 80s.

abortion is a hot topic *now* because of the Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh views and possibility of overturning Roe V Wade.

personally i'm not all that interested in abortion i support it but i don't care if Kavanguh is confirmed or not.

many women are protesting Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh views on abortion by dressing up as handmaid's tale

for the record i've never seen ‎Margaret Atwood Handmaid's Tale however thanks to abortion news articles, i know that the basic premise of the book is that radical christians have taken over the USA and impose the bible law as god's law. specifically the old testament, or what Jews called the Torah.

there actually is a religious group that takes the Torah and levictical laws on women seriously.

they are called (orthodox) jews, specifically jewish women

i guess you could call margaret atwood something of an anti-semite or anti-judaism since essentially the radical christians in her book wants to impose Torah on women.

the leviticus laws include that a woman menstruation is impure and is impure for quite a long time, half of her adult life.
which orthodox jewish women follow, and must be purified by mivkah a ritual bath similar to baptism

magaret atwood book is that if christians forced women to follow torah that's sexist, yet that's what orthodox jews say the messiah will do, force women and everyone to observe torah and that jesus was a false messiah since he was a torah-breaker.

to what extent to (orthodox) jewish women think if the usa forced women to follow torah is sexist and a disaster as these protestors show?

for feminists imposing biblical laws on women is a disaster but thats' what jewish women actually do observe

even then, torah says a woman caught in adultery must be stoned to death and i'm not aware that happens .

in effect feminists protesting by dressing up in handmaid's tale is saying that life under torah is a disaster, a life orthodox jewish women actually follow. of course margaret atwood claims this is something christians will do.

in my own experience christians all sort of contradict one another on the relation of the old testament and the new.
for example, the food and dietary laws and circumcision are no longer enforced jesus did away with that. on the other hand homosexuality is still wrong. animal sacrifice is no longer needed due to jesus death on the cross, but idol worship is okay if the idol is jesus on the cross, something jews and Muslim consider idolatry.

in conclusion

margaret atwood's handmail tale protestors and orthodox jewish women

they don't want to be jews

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