brett kavanaugh reminds me of robert bork and reagan and a black kid

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brett kavanaugh reminds me of robert bork and reagan and a black kid Empty brett kavanaugh reminds me of robert bork and reagan and a black kid

Post by redpill on Fri Sep 07, 2018 12:34 pm

Fri Sep 07, 2018

the current fight over trump's supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh reminds me of when ronald reagan nominated robert bork in some ways.

i think i was in seventh grade when it happened. there was no internet in those days and i didn't read the papers but i heard about it in the news along with the weather crime and major events.

i didn't have an opinion. i don't even recall if knew what a supreme court justice did.

but yeah i remember the local news reporting it in class.

i did take american history along with the other 7th graders, and i remember a black kid complaining about both ronald reagan and robert bork.

he said he thought ronald reagan was a crap president.

the history teacher immediately said that with any president there things you like and things you don't.

he said robert bork was a joke. he hated robert bork.

i only knew of robert bork in the news and i saw local news cover all the protests in his nomination, and even interviews with feminists about how he's a threat to roe v wade and abortion rights

then his nomination was defeated and we talked about it a bit in american history class

i didn't have much of an opinion but i thought ronald reagan was a great president. the only other president i knew was jimmy carter and i was a toddler when he was president

as a kid i wondered what is the difference between a president and a king? is ronald reagan the king of america?

of course as with robert bork the biggest issue with brett kavanaugh is roe v wade and his stance on abortion.

to this day i wonder why the black boy was so against reagan and robert bork, was it his own thoughts or were other blacks telling him reagon and bork were bad ?

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