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my own experience with bullying  Empty my own experience with bullying

Post by redpill on Fri Sep 07, 2018 1:54 pm

Fri Sep 07, 2018

in the news, a girl committed suicide due to bullying at school

he family of a Manchester girl who killed herself after what they said was relentless bullying is now working to honor her memory while helping others.

It has been nearly three months since Skylar Desmarais, 11, killed herself, something her family members said they're still struggling with.

i attended an catholic elementary school for kindergarten and first grade, where i was physically attacked in class by Jeff, and sister rosemary didn't do anything. the school didn't do anything. other than say pray about it. god didn't do anything either. god didn't answer my prayers.

i ended up leaving the catholic school for a public school.

in second grade i saw the kids bullying another boy, even punching him in the stomach during recess. i think his name was guy. one the one hand i kinda felt bad for him but on the other hand i'm glad i wasn't being bullied. i've already had that with two grades from Jeff

but sadly public school wasn't any better than catholic school. i saw plenty of fights and attacks and bullying.

jeff was a blue eyed blonde white male who attacked me.

in junior high public school, a black boy named sam attacked and severely beat a white boy named dan hardy, because he said he looked funny. now i wasn't present when the fight happened, but i know dan was pulled from that school, and required hospitalization. parents wanted sam to go to prison, as a sixth grader age 12. kids thought sam was going to kill dan he beat him so severely.

i also saw a black girl who was extremely sociopathic and bullying attack and beat rick hansen another white boy without any provocation. i'm not going to say what i think but obviously i felt bad for rick and uh um. seeing these black kids start fights and attacking without provocation made a very powerful impression on me.

when i listen to atheists like marshall brain over at whydoesngodhealamputees how white christians are destroying america with their delusions in a magical sky fairy and delusions believes in jesus, i'm thinking uh-huh. trying going to school with a lot of black kids like i did. but of course my experience with jeff teaches me psychopaths come in all skin colors.

i sadly was in a math class in seventh grade, when i saw a guy name brian and another boy named eric fight. i kinda liked eric more than brian in some ways, but i was the only person who witnessed it.

so the seventh grade math teacher actually took me aside and asked who threw the first punch. each boy said the other threw it first.  i tried to lie my way out of it saying it all happened so fast. she pressed and i said eric. eric called me a liar. eric either left the school or was kicked out i'm not sure which. so there's bullying and fighting in public school.

there was a girl named kathy who uh. to put it mildy was ugly and yeah she was excluded socially and bullied.

bullying is a major reason i support abortion and also why i lost faith in god. prayer doesn't seem to work. god doesn't seemingly answer prayers if you're being bullied.

i've since mormons and the ones i've met seem nice, and i wonder how nice it would be to go to a mormon school and meet nice kids for a change, instead of bullies.

i of course don't believe in mormonism and i've heard christians say mormons are not christians (nor are catholics or jehovah witnesses)

if going to a mormon school means not being bullied, i'd would have preferred that to what i actually saw.

this picture of mormon girls seem wholesome compared to what i had to witness

my own experience with bullying  Sister12

i'm sympathetic to what atheists say, if the mormon religion keeps people in line i'm on board with that.

i'd rather be surrounded by them than surrounded bullies whether those bullies are atheists leftists feminists racists extremists whatever.

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