Emily a jew for jesus i knew and my how the times have changed

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Emily a jew for jesus i knew and my how the times have changed

Post by redpill on Sat Sep 08, 2018 2:14 pm

Sat Sep 08, 2018

in 2018 in my city and in other cities ive visited and lived there are what are called messianic jewish synagogues.  they claim to be jews who accept jesus as christ. i'm talking 2018 now. growing up i've never heard of such a thing.

Growing up, i was under the impression you are born into a religion. Christians are born that way. Catholics to. Others are born Hindus, as a couple of my classmates were from India and they were raised hindu. others from vietnam and thailand and are buddhist. later i learned of atheism, both born into atheism and later converts to atheism.

the most famous example of course are jews. you are born a jew which is a religion.

and jews are not christian and jews don't believe jesus is the messiah.

anyhow i knew of one jew girl named emily. she told me her parents are reform jew, and she had a bar mitzvah. but she come to faith in jesus christ. so she no longer was a jew but a chrisitan. except she claimed she was also a jew.

so she was a jew and a christian. she went to a  synagogue and church.

i wonder how that works, though i also wonder how, if ur born a boy you can grow up to be a woman.
you cant be a jew and a christian at the same time, just as you cant be a boy and a girl at the same time, oh wait.

one jew named stan originally opined jews for jesus is something he hates, he considers them traitors, but in high school stan became something of an atheist.

this was in the 80s. i don't know what shes doing now, or she still holds the same religious believes of being a jew christian. later i learned of jews for jesus and even later messianic jew

i head over to youtube and i type in jews for jesus, go find the jew for jesus channel


through some entries and i find

these 2 are jewish girls and they look jewish but they believe in jesus
i actually think they're kinda funny. the way they say so not kosher makes me laf

they have pretty lively personalities

i asked emily how hanukkah compares with christmas and if she celebrated both as a jew for jesus.

same story

same story

wow!  What a Face

 i define a jew as does this person look like a jew and has a jew last name? then they're a jew in my book. so you can be a jew atheist or a jew christian as long as you look the part.

is it me or do jewish girls look kinda nerdy looking bookworm types?

of course other jews, the real jews, would say they look jew but are no longer jews but christians. i don't think you would be able to tell just by looking at them you'd have to listen to their beliefs

while i find blue eyed blonde sorority times most attractive, i'm something of a bookworm myself. the jew girls i knew in high school were all super liberal proabortion feminist democrat types. which as someone who has read the torah find ironic. if i were a jew boy i'd think i'd fine non-jewish girls of the sorority type more attractive, though looks aren't everything.

this jew

said she read dosteyvski's crime and punishment. i read that to for AP english, raskanokov and his extraordinary person theory, which the cliff notes i also read said is like nietzsche's theory of the superman. how if there is no god, then atheists are free from all moral law and can kill.

emily was the first jew for jesus i met and um there still around.

when i hear other jews saying u cant believe in jesus and jew at the same time, its mutually exclusive, personally i don't know how after the holocaust any jew can still believe in the god of the torah but that's just me.

i've watched the tv show vikings, as well as kung fu panda, and movies like dances with wolves and brave heart

youtube has cartoons, some by atheists on jew stories

here's one of my favs, job by dark matter

i remember hearing the story that god and satan made a bet over job, with god winning that bet. i'm thinking uh-huh i hope those 2 don't make a bet with me

so in the 80s i knew of one jew for jesus girl, with a jew looks and jew last name Emily.

today in 2018 there are "messianic synagogues" all over the place.

i of course know that the mainstream jew does not regard them as real jews.

if i were a child in 2018, and i badly wish i was, i'd spend my time playing on a ps4 or xbox one x, COD star wars battlefront world of tanks, instead of the atari 2600 pitfall harry

i suspect if Emily were a child or teen in 2018 she'd go to these "messianic synagogues", one stop shopping, in stead of a synagogue with her family on saturday and church on sunday which IMO is a lot time to spend on a deity
maybe get married to a fellow jewish believer in jesus.

as someone who has actually read the old testament i agree with atheists like marshall brain how can anyone believe it?

the latest surveys show that and i quote

National survey shows Jews leaving Judaism, assimilating, becoming Christians or “Nones”
Low religious practice and belief

Two-thirds of Jews do not belong to a synagogue, almost one-third identify with no Jewish religious denomination, and one-quarter (23%) do not believe in God. Even more Jews disconnect faith in God from being Jewish. Reflecting a long tradition of secularism in Jewish life in the United States, two-thirds of Jews (62%) say that being Jewish is mainly a matter of ancestry and culture. Even religious Jews mostly do not believe that it is necessary to believe in God to be Jewish.

The older generation interpreted secularism as a bulwark against persecution and discrimination. But perhaps no longer feeling social hostility, the younger generation is interpreting secularism as a reason to be not religious. A majority (55%) of Jews of no religion also don't feel emotionally attached to Israel.

Younger Jews are shifting to “no religion”

Jewish Millennials, those born after 1980s, are the most likely to identify themselves as not religious. 32% say that they would describe themselves as having no particular religion or are agnostic or atheist. Alan Cooperman, deputy director of the Pew Center, called the drop in religious identity a “stunning” development. The shift to “None” in religion reflects a long term trend among American Jews.

The proportion of “Nones” in the U.S. general population has also drifted upward to around 20%, according to the Pew Center. The move toward no particular religious belief has been most distinct among younger males and Catholics. A survey of college students released last Thursday by researchers at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut indicate that 28% of U.S. college students are Nones.
Jews who are Christian now are one of the major components of the U.S. Jewish population.

Rise of the Messianic Jews

Jews who are Christian now are one of the major components of the U.S. Jewish population. 1.7 million adult Jews identify themselves as Christians. Only the denomination of Reform Judaism has more support among American Jews, with an estimated 1.86 million adherents.

Mitch Glaser, a Messianic Jew and leader of Chosen People Ministries, emailed A Journey through NYC religions that the Pew survey's results are "stunning."  Glaser added, "As a Messianic Jew and leader of Chosen People Ministries – it is incredible to think that hundreds of thousands of Jewish people in the United States somehow identify with Jesus the Messiah, according to survey results." But he also cautioned, "However, the  number of these individuals who might be considered 'Christians by conviction' remains to be seen."

Although the PEW Center did not count Jews who are Christians as part of their Jewish population count, the researchers used screening questions that identified the number of Jews who identify themselves as Jews and who are “completed Jews,” Christians or Messianic Jews. The center also identified Gentiles (people of no Jewish ancestry) who are “Jews by affinity” and identify themselves by terms like “grafted-in” Jews. A close analysis of the results of the PEW Center's screening questions reveals some surprising hidden dimensions of American Jews and possible revised projections about the adult Jewish population in the United States.. The research center's report includes a chapter on the analysis of people of "Jewish background" and "Jewish affinity."

ref https://www.nycreligion.info/national-survey-shows-jews-leaving-judaism-assimilating-christians-nones/

so stan who in middle school after bar mitzvah was a loyal jew opposed to jews for jesus then becomes atheist seems like the norm.

and according to this survey the second largest branch of judaism are jews for jesus. LOL. so emily who was unique in the 1980s as a jew for jesus, is now the second largest branch according to this survey

what if in the future jews become either atheist or jew for jesus? from zero jews for jesus in my day of the 80s, to know the second most numerous group of religious jews are the jews for jesus, maybe in the future, among religious jews, the largest group with be the messianic jew for jesus. atheism though is affecting all religiouns including judaism and christianity

if you're a jew boy and you fall in love with this

and they have your baby

what are the kids?

some of these jews for jesus were born to families of parents who became jews for jesus and were raised that way, like a lot of jews born to jewish parents and Christians born to christian parents.

Emily the first jew for jesus i knew

with all the messianic syngoguges around,

society went from 1 jew for jesus, emily of the 80s, to know, according to a Pew survey, 1.8 million jews

my how the times have changed

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Re: Emily a jew for jesus i knew and my how the times have changed

Post by redpill on Tue Sep 18, 2018 4:22 pm

strange that 2 videos that are like 9 years old only just recently have been pulled from utube

is it coincidence or did my posting it in this thread cause it?

If you only knew the POWER of the Daubert side

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