when mormon missionaries rang my doorbell and visit to mormon church

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when mormon missionaries rang my doorbell and visit to mormon church Empty when mormon missionaries rang my doorbell and visit to mormon church

Post by redpill on Mon Sep 10, 2018 3:50 pm

Mon Sep 10, 2018

once, i had mormon missionaries, 2 teen females, i remember one name was sister eckart

when mormon missionaries rang my doorbell and visit to mormon church Sister12

unlike the Jehovah witness who use old people and i of course have zero interest, mormons use teen cuties which of course caught my interest

since they were 2 fairly good looking mormon teen or early twenties girls, i decided to talk to them, which i woudln't if they, like jehovah witness uses old men.

they told me they weren't from the local mormon church, they were from utah originally, and doing their mission call in my city.

i talked to them, they were like 19-20, and apparently instead of being in college right after high school, they were on this mission that mormon teens do.  if you get sent to a foreign nation i guess it could be exciting, though i would hate to learn chinese or japanese. pure torture

so it sounded to me that my local mormon church doesn't send missionaries door to door in my city, they send them to other cities around the world.   so the mormons missionaries who knock on my door are from other cities.

i asked them age, where they're from, college and who pays for all this, how they like it and so forth. again, they were girls. if it was 2 mormon boys i wouldn't give them the time of day, i'd rather play video games tbh

conversation was about an hour long and they offered me mormon bible but i declined. i did offer them anything to drink and they said they're ok.

i did thank them for knocking.

note to jehovah witness if you send smoking hot blond teens girls knocking  on my door instead of old people i'd give them same treatment

i did tell them i'd visit mormon church when i have time and they appreciate.

well i'm here to report i did visit a mormon church on a sunday

iirc, they were actually kinda formally dressed men wearing black dress pants and shirt and women in skirts.

i saw a red head twenty teen male telling the other mormons who were listening in rapt attention that he brought a couple of people to jesus christ and they were amazed.

i was amazed to. as a former high school student if a guy is going to brag about anything he'd brag about the hot chicks he banged. this mormon guy instead said he brought like 3 people to jesus christ.

i also saw a redhead female, i'm not sure if they're brother and sister or unrelated, both 2 gingers.

when i was there they separated classes by gender, boys go to one class girls another. they also had a group service, and at one point they asked me to drink water out of a tiny cup.

they classes were long. it started sometime like around 8am but it went into the afternoon. you could see a classroom full of boys and another separate classroom full of teen girls listening to the teacher talk about religion.

iirc they did have a communual meal and i could eat to, wasn't tasty food but it was food.
i don't think you could stay for morning then afternoon without eating.

what mormon wasn't, was go to church, listen to a sermon, throw money in a collection plate and go home.

i learned you are expected to tithe 10% of your income to the church. you would have to have your sundays off to participate

i've heard the book of mormons is boring, and also not believable.  i do not believe the book of mormons is the history of america, apparently the mormon faithful do.

in some respects these mormons seem nice and closer to me in some ways. but at the end i don't believe joseph smith is anything other than a con artist and his book of mormons fiction, but above all, i don't believe in prayer.

it would be pretty difficult for me to fake being a mormon, given their high standards. 10% income commitment, plus attending church for seems to me was the whole day. i'm unclear if only children and teens have to do this or if adults are also in class. and what they are learning is a fake history of the usa. the bible i've since learn is also fake history. no evidence of an exodus from egypt

and the idea of bringing strangers jesus christ while it makes these mormons happy and their stories were about how they met this person and got them to believe in jesus makes them happy, it's uh not my idea of a good time. it would only make me happy if like a video game i got points, spiritual heavenly treasure, which i can then buy real world goods and services. i'll lead 10 strangers to jesus in exchange for a miracle healing for example, of my mother from dementia and arthritis.

i've wondered how you can be a nonbeliever and marry one of these true believers.  going to church to make your wife happy and throw some money in a collection plate is one thing, but these mormons seemingly demand a much higher level of commitment. i'd imagine they'd have a huge drop out rate.

so of the 7.5 billion people on this planet, it'd be crazy if sister eckart still remembers me and our conversation after all these years, given she and one other girl literally goes door to door for mormons. also given what happened to mollie tibbets, is it safe for mormons to do this say in chicago with all those gun deaths?

if sister eckart remembers me, and my home and where i live and our brief conversation. i did visit the mormon church fyi. a redhead guy and a redhead girl was there, they look like siblings, tall and slender.

i've also had jehovah witness ring my door bell but i've declined. as well as ADT security, lawn care, insect killers and similar commercial interests

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