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911 2001 remembered Empty 911 2001 remembered

Post by redpill on Tue Sep 11, 2018 12:42 pm

Tue Sep 11, 2018

anniversary of 911

i remember when 911 happened.

there was that very long and drawn out court system of Gore vs Bush. i still hear on message boards complain that Gore won the Florida final recount, and that Bush, like Trump, was the illegitimate winner of that count. I head over wikipedia and that under most recounts, Bush is the winner, though some definitions and under some scenarios Gore could be the winner. The official winner with recount was Bush by 500 votes.

I don't recall there being mass opposition to Bush like there was for Trump.

then 911 happened. for me i woke up that morning and it was a weekday morning. it was like any other day for me.

i wish i could say i had premonitions or i felt a tremor in the force, but nope. i got ready for work.

i prepared and ate breakfast and turned on the tv, which i had cable at the time.

on all the news channels there was reports of airplanes flying into the twin towers. it was all over the news. and that apparently they considered it either an airplane malfunction or an act of terrorism.

then reports of a second plane, then other planes, one crashing in a field.

i heard that George Bush was immediately taken to a secure location and briefed and that effectively immediately all flights were grounded everywhere in the USA

then i listen as the towers came crashing down.

i then got ready for work and it was the topic of conversation, with filtering news reports of Al Queda and that this was an act of terrorism. Muslims were involved.

I remember like yesterday everyone talking about it. This time, unlike the Oklahoma city bombing which i also remember, it really was muslim. the OKC bombing i remember it being reported of Al Queda and a muslim bombing but it was actually some white guy.

Over the next several months i heard, again i had cnn at the time, iirc there was no youtube yet, if you can believe it, that they believe terrorists of muslim arab decent took over the airplanes, trained to fly, and then suicide it into the twin towers.

Bush declared war on Terror, on Al Queda and Bin Laden.

to this day I'm amazed they pulled it off and it was complete surprise. Bush announced creation of a new department of homeland security. i thought this as something the FBI did or CIA

that day did make me think i could wake up any morning, and then turn on the news, and some incredible thing, an act of terrorism could occur.

so yes i remember 911 and i remember what i was doing that day.

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