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75 cents comics and sea monkeys and smurfs Empty 75 cents comics and sea monkeys and smurfs

Post by redpill on Wed Sep 12, 2018 6:24 pm

Wed Sep 12, 2018

my local walmart has a toy section, and on clearance for $5 is a sea monkey kit, which brings back old memories for me

in second grade i read comic books which back then were 75 cents

75 cents comics and sea monkeys and smurfs 67090510

these comics had advertisements in them, lots of them.

one advertisement caught my attention which looked like this

75 cents comics and sea monkeys and smurfs Sea-mo10

since it was so cheap i asked my parents and they agreed and ordered it via mail order. in those days there was a real concern with mail orders you send money they keep it and either go out of business, or disappear or not provide the product

but sure enough in the mail came this product

75 cents comics and sea monkeys and smurfs Ocean_10

i followed the directions in the booklet it contained and it "worked", they hatched.

i told my classmates about this, apparently i was the only kid with sea monkeys.

when i say "worked"

i got this

75 cents comics and sea monkeys and smurfs 59010510

after a couple of weeks my kit looked like this

75 cents comics and sea monkeys and smurfs 156c6e10

but um that's not exactly what i was expecting.

at the same time, one of the most popular cartoons for me and my classmates smurfs

75 cents comics and sea monkeys and smurfs 81mniw10

i told tall tales to all my classmates about how i will have a village of these sea monkeys

i showed them the pictures and i thought that like a caterpillar and cocoon i would end up with this

75 cents comics and sea monkeys and smurfs 20141110

i genuinely believed it. i looked at the ad, and i looked at what i got, which i now know is brine shrimp and i kept thinking okay when will they turn into little people like the ad. i believed it like i believed in david and goliath and noah and the ark and 7 day biblical creation like what they taught in church.

keep in mind i actually was in class telling them look what i got. jealous? i got this kit and its going to turn into these little people like the smurfs. i showed them the pictures i was provided.

the brine shrimp stayed shrimp and never transformed to those sea monkeys. i kept the kid for several months until they all died and it turned smelly and i threw it away.

many many years later i learned that this is something of a "scam" in that as a kid i expected those little people, but what i actually got was brine shrimp. yeah it hatched so it worked as advertise but they never turn into little people.

i asked my parents to buy it and i told all my classmates about these little people, but uh it was just brine shrimp  pale

there was no internet in those days so i had no reason not to think they would turn into sentient talking creatures.

many years later i would learn of the debate over abortion, and of course prolifers believe that an embryo is a sentient being kinda like a sea monkey and for a woman to kill it via abortion is akin to murder

human embryos of course can in a uterus grow into a baby. these brine shrimp will never mature.

for me, i held onto my brine shrimp with the mistaken incorrect belief they would grow up to be talking sentient intelligent sea monkey like smurfs just as all the ads showed.

i can buy this for $5 at walmart and relive childhood memories, but i don't know. after awhile they die and it smells terrible so. i'm not a kid anymore. its kinda neat though to see it again.

on walmat they are $5 plus sales tax, on amazon they are $10 so i'd save about $5 and get it right away.

i didn't show my classmates bc it is liquid and i had no way of bringing it to school, and brine shrimp looked nothing like what the cartoon showed.

i'm not a female but i think in some respects, my experience with sea monkeys and looking at them from the time they hatched in these tiny almost invisible specs of dust is akin to a woman who missed her period, then has a sonogram of a fetus that grows, only in her case a fetus can actually grow to be a human. i thought i'd be a kind of dad to these sea monkeys.

but yeah i'm one of the kids of my generation who bought sea monkeys from comic books and watch them hatch and grow and it did work, and with just tap water

the biggest issue for me is the dead sea monkeys and overfeeding resulting in smelly cloudy water and dead monkeys/brine shrimp.

it was a redpill moment several years later when i learned that brine shrimp will never grow to be sea monkeys. they will always be brine shrimp and nothing more.

i had fantasies about these sea monkeys building a temple for me. i still fantasize about being a cult leader LOL.

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