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Skywalker or Shakespeare what i was told Empty Skywalker or Shakespeare what i was told

Post by redpill on Fri Sep 14, 2018 10:50 am

Fri Sep 14, 2018

i just read Darth Vader 2018 #21

Skywalker or Shakespeare what i was told Copyof10

growing up, i was in the blue bird reading group. my elementary school to high school that had tracking and i was in the more academically  demanding track.

the thing is, in honors and AP english, pretty much every english lit teacher and honors english lit 1- talked about the concept of the Great Books. It's a canon of great books.

the Charlie Brown movie Peanuts has Charlie Brown read Leo Tolstoy 2000 page war and peace in over a weekend and do a book report

Skywalker or Shakespeare what i was told The-pe11
Skywalker or Shakespeare what i was told The-pe12

pretty much every english teacher without exception told us of the importance of william shakespeare and how the top universities like harvard yale stanford mit all want students versed and educated in shakespeare.

so starting at age 12 in sixth grade we read romeo and juliet and later on julius caesar hamlet etc plus his sonnets

shall i compare thee to a summer's day?

the teacher told us about how sonnets were created by some italian guy who fell in love with a woman but never met her, and it has to have 10 syllables and rhyme at the end ABABA or whatever.

every english lit teacher i had told us that shakespeare is the greatest writer to ever exist. all educated people must know shakespeare. we even were required to memorize many lines, such as in my case romeo's speech to juliet and brutus speech and hamlets to be or not to be.
and recite orally from memory those lines

for me when it comes to reading i have an easier time reading nonfiction.

many tests like the SAT and ACT and then GRE MCAT LSAT

there are passages, nonfiction, discussing a topic, and then multiple choice questions

i struggled with shakespeare and fiction and the primary reason is that the stories of these classics, don't interest me at all.

i can understand that hamlet to be or not to be deals with existentialist themes and that the tragedy of hamlet is that he wants to die until his uncle wants to kill him so he wants to live but then dies due to poison on the sword

i did spend my time reading, but i preferred to read

Skywalker or Shakespeare what i was told 67090510

cobra ninja and snake eyes

i like reading the amazing adventures of the ninja, which of course shakespeare had nothing to say.

i even remember things like the baronness shot at storm shadow, and he under went the sleeping phoenix. then dr mindbender used his body and 10 of the greatest genius to create serpentor, and the process brought stormshadow back to life.

in another comic snake eyes a fully trained ninja enters a forest and is hunted by cobra. this is of course the rambo situation. he is eventually captured by concentrated barage of grenades. he then is before dr mindbender who was originially a dentist. snake eyes uses alpha wave zen meditation causing the machine to explode and he escapes.

this and wolverine vs sabretooth and the mutant massacre.

thats what i and my friends were reading. all this talk about shakespeare uh i don't know. where are the ninja's ?

i still read comics, i like jedi vs sith.

while i agree that the romance between anakin skywalker and padme was kinda fake and hard to watch, shakespeare's romeo and juliet has never happened to me, and i don't know anything like it in the real world. in my high school it was the football players who got the cheerleaders, and they weren't talking like romeo and the girls weren't talking about juliet.

i dont have any objections to harvard preferring a student versed in shakespeare over a student who knows comics like me, that's just how the world works. elite ivy league universities want students versed in the great books. well i did read the bible.  pale

watching movies based on shakespeare is some of the most boring movies i've ever seen. but watching star wars and the light saber and luke vs vader i am your father.

What a Face  What a Face

Skywalker or Shakespeare what i was told Mag38p10

Skywalker or Shakespeare what i was told Cover_10

i prefer skywalker over shakespeare and i still read star wars comics

i don't know what todays kids are told in literature classes but in the 80s and 90s i was told shakespeare is the greatest, you must know shakespeare, and the top elite universities like harvard yale princeton all require thorough familiarity with shakespeare

but the stories i actually like are in comics about ninjas and jedi vs sith

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