strict church theory and my experience with prolife and prochoice christian churches

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strict church theory and my experience with prolife and prochoice christian churches

Post by redpill on Sat Sep 15, 2018 8:42 pm

Sat Sep 15, 2018

on youtube there's this video recommended to me

Why Strict Religions Succeed

my own observations mirror this,

i've visited prochoice and churches that support LGBT

empty churches, like Unitarian universalism, Episcopal churches zen centers etc

and i visited churches like mormons and evangelicals with strong youth groups

their stated position on abortion is prolife

now i would think that christian young women would be mostly prochoice

hillary clinton daughter chelsea is pro-abortion and a member of the methodist church

but in my experience, prolife churches like mormons have more of these

the mormon church on abortion

Abortion -

Human life is a sacred gift from God. Elective abortion for personal or social convenience is contrary to the will and the commandments of God. Church members ...

mormon church and teaches its followers is it is prolife

strict church theory states that the problem a lot of religiosn have is free loaders, and having strict rules helps weed out the half-hearted so a more hard core remain.

in my experience there's some truth to this as most deeply religious girls who go to church every sunday for example, are prolife on abortion

lia mills

and lila rose

are both devout christians and prolife

i asked lia mills on her youtube channel why abortion and she said she heard a voice and jesus christ called her to be prolife.

lila rose bio is that as a young girl she prayed to jesus christ and jesus told her to be prolife and she was upset babies in the womb are being ripped to pieces by abortionists and their abortion mothers

i doubt chelsea clinton heard a voice from god commanding her to be pro-abortion.

i've met prochoice christians girls and my impression is they don't take religion very seriously. they are christians in name only.

the strict religion theory is that strict religions that make demands deter free loaders so that the only those who remain are firmly committed, and therefore the shared experience among hard core true believers is a better experience

with prochoice lgbt we accept everyone type churches can often draw in those who arent believers arent willing to make sacrifices maybe come in on easter and christmas and decline.

the article on judaism has similar stats,

the typical jew woman i know is extremely leftwing prochoice proabortion and reform judaism accepts prochoice and lgbt

the wiki article

Judaism and abortion

Orthodox Judaism
Orthodox Judaism strongly opposes abortion, some, considering it a form of murder after conception, and allowing abortion only when the pregnancy endangers the mother's life or if it will cause the mother severe physical or psychological harm. Short of clear threats to a mother’s life, the permissibility of abortion is controversial in Jewish texts.

Reform Judaism
Reform Judaism permits abortion, not only when the woman's life is at stake, but also when a pregnancy is "a result of rape or incest; when through genetic testing, it is determined that the child to be born will have a disease that will cause death or severe disability, and the parents believe that the impending birth will be an impossible situation for them," and for several other reasons.[31] More generally, the "Reform perspective on abortion can be described as follows: Abortion is an extremely difficult choice faced by a woman. In all circumstances, it should be her decision whether or not to terminate a pregnancy, backed up by those whom she trusts (physician, therapist, partner, etc.). This decision should not be taken lightly (abortion should never be used for birth control purposes) and can have life-long ramifications. However, any decision should be left up to the woman within whose body the fetus is growing.

the stats

National survey shows Jews leaving Judaism, assimilating, becoming Christians or “Nones”

Jews who are Christian now are one of the major components of the U.S. Jewish population.
High intermarriage rate

The proportion of American Jews who intermarry has reached 58% for all Jews, and 71% for non-Orthodox Jews. Among Jews who have no religion less than one third of the children are being raised as Jews in any specific way.

Low religious practice and belief

Two-thirds of Jews do not belong to a synagogue, almost one-third identify with no Jewish religious denomination, and one-quarter (23%) do not believe in God. Even more Jews disconnect faith in God from being Jewish. Reflecting a long tradition of secularism in Jewish life in the United States, two-thirds of Jews (62%) say that being Jewish is mainly a matter of ancestry and culture. Even religious Jews mostly do not believe that it is necessary to believe in God to be Jewish.

so my experience is jewish women are the most radical prochoice proabortionist feminist democrats out there, reform judaism which supports choice

orthodox judaism is actually against abortion, and is prolife and is actually growing, but prochoice liberal judaism is dying shrinking losing members.

the survey on judaism mirrors what is happening to christianity,

prolife orthodox judaism is growing, prochoice reform judaism is collapsing and losing members, even though the supermajority of jew woman is prochoice

i dont think ive ever met a prolife jewish girl though. emily was a jew for jesus a jew turned christian prolife so i dont think she counts. she insists shes still a jew even if she believes in jesus. she was prolife.

but i've met plenty of white prolife christian girls and women. and i've visited evaneglical churches with huge numbers of attractive prolife

christian young women.

i think the problem i have with prochoice churches is that

i doubt most prochoice women are interested in jesus and are willing to make sacrifices that it takes to go to church every week plus weekday bible studies and friday and saturday praise nights

now if i were a woman i'd be prochoice cause the option to terminate a pregnancy in my uterus is mine

but looking at the real world and strict religion theory

if i were a pastor of a church, i'd probably be pro-life and heterosexual only church

whats the point of being a pastor of a prochoice and lgbt choice and no one comes and no one contributes money?

if i were a pastor of a church and i want members to come every week

since it seems only prolifers and heterosexual traditionalist are interested in old time religion. prochoicer women tend not to be all that interested in religion in my experience.

of course you risk alienating many teen girls who support lgbt and abortion rights. it seems though that the remaining women are willing to have more babies which can make up for it.

i think there's the issue of credibility

a prolife church can say jesus is prolife and against abortion and sound credible

a prochoice church that claims jesus loves to see aborted fetuses and is okay with abortionists sucking out fetus from the uterus strikes me as not very believable.

when it comes to abortion what would jesus do?

basically being prolife church screens out women feminist prochoice free rider leaving behind prolife traditionalist women who take religion more seriously, and by having a smaller group who take it more seriously its a better experience

being prolife is costly signalling.

this strict church theory helps me better understand cults

this australian woman

said she has always believed in god. ever since she was a little girl she believed in god and the bible is the word of god

so she joins a KOREAN cult, with a korean guy speaking korean.  not english. she speaks english. she's australian.

i can't understand it but apparently strict church theory joinign a korean cult has lots of costly signalling so the benefits

of being a member is higher i think

also explains hazing in fraternities.

being prolife is a costly membership

that korean cult the cult leaders visit their messiah jung by flying from australia to korea.

seeing these beautiful english speaking australian women getting involved in a KOREAN cult, with a korean guy who doesnt speak english and doesnt live in australia and is in prison for rape

makes me think i wanna be a  cult leader lol.

knowing the strict church theory, and that religious girls who love jesus are prolife, my cult would have to be prolife even though i'm prochoice lol.

i suspect that many christian girls are prolife as an example of costly signalling

by being prolife, when the supermajority of women are prochoice,

she is signalling a costly signalling of her commitment to her religion. that and bible study daily prayer and church attendance.

if i were a pastor of a church or cult leader, i'd take prolife christian girls who go to church every week, and contribute money and time, to prochoice "christian" girls who never go to church, promote feminism, express interest in bisexuality and drop out.

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