suicide of Sinead McNamara 20 joins Hannah Green, age 17, Cortnee Eastman 15

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suicide of Sinead McNamara 20 joins Hannah Green, age 17, Cortnee Eastman 15

Post by redpill on Sun Sep 16, 2018 10:57 am

Sun Sep 16, 2018

in the news

Sinead McNamara 20 Australian Instagram model, 20, dies in mysterious circumstances while on a dream holiday in Greece  on Saturday.  Sep 01, 2018

she was found hanging

A coroner later confirmed her cause of death was hanging

Argostoli's Harbour Master, Mrs Panagota Kolovou, said: 'An investigation is under way but I'm afraid we cannot release any details.'

However, a source at the Coastguard told MailOnline: 'She was found at the back of the yacht attached to one of the mooring ropes.

'The yacht had been docked immediately outside the Coastguard offices, which are manned 24 hours a day, so we were able to react to the situation quickly.'

It is believed Ms McNamara had called her family in tears just hours before she died.

She also spoke to her brother Jake during her last anguished phone call in the early hours of the Friday, shortly before her body was discovered, her family's lawyer Charalampos Triantafyllopoulos revealed.

current cause

Just weeks before her death in a suspected suicide, Sinead's older sister Lauren Carr recalled her zest for adventure while she 'sipped cocktails' by the Mediterranean coast.


investigators believe she committed suicide over a breakup with her boyfriend, suicide by hanging, which is pretty amazing i think given how she looks and how she can easily get a replacement boyfriend.

her family still wants an investigation but LE thinks no foul play.

assuming that the ruling of suicide holds, and her family admits she called them in deep distress over the breakup,


such a beautiful woman at age 20 with a zest for life commits suicide over a break up.

Sinead McNamara 20 joins  Hannah Green, age 17, suicide over breakup

Cortnee Eastman  15 also committed suicide over being dumped and she was a CHEERLEADER

news don't state who Sinead boyfriend is but at age 20 she has a nice lifestyle.

no mention of college or uni.

i guess she's one of the privileged highly attractive young women who has a very rich boyfriend and no college or uni necessary

but apparently her boyfriend wanted a breakup and so she committed suicide, according to news.

why would a normal guy want to break up someone wiho looks like that? not very many women in this world who are hotter

i know she acted on emotion, but she could easily get another boyfriend, though possibly not as rich.

Sinead McNamara 20 joins  Hannah Green, age 17, Cortnee Eastman  15 as 3 examples of white flower suicides over a boyfriend breakup

i'll delete this post if it is proven to be an accidental death or murder and staged to look like a suicide

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