my visit to a Swedenborg new church with actual photos

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my visit to a Swedenborg new church with actual photos

Post by redpill on Sun Sep 16, 2018 6:11 pm

Sun Sep 16, 2018

once i lived close to a Swedenborg new church

i took actual photos these are the actual pictures i took of a swedenborg new church with my own camera

there were actual worshippers there.

very beautiful property. they had a nice duck pond, a small church with actual believers in swedenborg and a small playground.

originally all the homes around the church were believers but over time some sold and nonbelievers took over.

it has a nice rustic and spiritual setting.

swedenborg new church similar to the mormons believe that in addition to the bible, the writings of swedenborg are canonized as spiritual word of god canon

it never approached mormons in popularity but ive read quotes from swedenborg and it seemingly far superior to the book of mormons.

i did ask the pastor of the church what do swedenborg say about all the killing going on in the old testament and he mention those people weren't living up to god's expectation.

there were families and what i saw were parents with  young cihildren but AFAIK i didn't see any single ladies. i think i could more easily commit to a swedenborg church than the mormon one, not sure if i believe in angels, which he talks about.

i visited on sunday and in addition to quoting the bible they quoted swedenborg, and i recall the quotes were from swedenborg's celestia arcana.

since my mom now has dementia if a swedenborg can summon an angel to heal here i'd be happy and maybe financially support you.

but in some ways atheism has spoiled my mind, whereas swedenborg sees the revelation of john as some mystical battle between good and bad, i see it as sheer nonsense. pure revenge fantasy.

i wonder what it would be like to date a swedenborg and talk about swedenborg with her. i have issues though with the bible, as it i don't believe it.

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