Kavanaugh - Ford & Hill Thomas trip down memory lane 1991

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 Kavanaugh - Ford & Hill Thomas trip down memory lane 1991 Empty Kavanaugh - Ford & Hill Thomas trip down memory lane 1991

Post by redpill on Thu Sep 27, 2018 7:34 pm

Thu Sep 27, 2018

today on Thu Sep 27, 2018

i 1- saw Survivor USA goliath vs david
and 2- Kavanaugh - Ford testify in 2018

i have some memories of the 1991 Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas hearing, and amazingly history repeats itself with Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Ford

i remember my english lit teacher saying Thomas was guilty, and Hill was entirely truthful. in the sound bites i heard, i didn't think Hill proved anything. i now know my english lit teacher is a strong liberal. as a liberal he obviously found Hill credible, just as many liberals today find Christine Ford's testimony.

what i don't remember clearly is exactly that year, i have vague memories of a couple of my classmates talking about a new game Street Fighter and Ken and Ryu.

In 1991 i was still in high school and i remember eating Stuffed pizza from Edwardo's and Giovana's. yum.
i love stuffed pizza, and edwardo's claims to be all natural

i think i remember watching pizza hut bigfoot pizza and ordering it just bc it was bigfoot. it was a lot of pizza.

i was still playing sierra games on my tandy 1000sx

i was taking a variety of AP courses including AP history and economics and biology

my classmates were gunners who were all talking about applying to the top 20 colleges, with the valedictorian applying and getting accepted to Harvard. he was one the very few i knew who owned an apple 2gs

it was around this time i listened to the nerds, the academically gifted talk about a theory called string theory. others talked about some guy named nietzsche who said god is dead.

my classmates and i visited college campuses. one college campus i visited was the university of chicago.

hard to imagine today, but back there was no AP computer science and my school didn't offer computer programming classes.

so from the univ of chicago i got the impression the most important thing to study was the great books of western civilization. while i was there i heard a male student talking to 2 female students about Thomas Aquinas and what he wrote.

so i thought thats what smart people do. they talk about Thomas Aquinas and Nietzsche and the great books.

i now know that putting all that effort in software engineering offers a better payoff.

If you only knew the POWER of the Daubert side

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