i just watched jurassic world fallen kingdom 2nd grade and arcade game primal rage of 90s

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i just watched jurassic world fallen kingdom 2nd grade and arcade game primal rage of 90s Empty i just watched jurassic world fallen kingdom 2nd grade and arcade game primal rage of 90s

Post by redpill on Fri Sep 28, 2018 11:11 am

Fri Sep 28, 2018

i've not spent much time blogging about my life cause this forum has been sort of flaky, and upload image wasn't working.
i realize i can die at any second, esp from car accidents so i wanna talk about my life. today i will be in my car and maybe a drunk driver tbones me and kills me instantly.

yesterday thu sept 27, 2018 i had a choice

watch christine ford testify against brett kavanaugh a replay of anita hill and clarence thomas or

watch jurassic world fallen kingdom - i also saw survivor david and goliath and that guy got airlifted out

i choose to watch jurassic world fallen kingdom

*mild spoilers*

wow what a journey it has been with dinosaurs

in the 70s and 80s there were cartoons and clay animations of dinosaurs and i had to rely solely on dinosaur books in the school library, before there were any personal computers, when card catalogs ruled.

i knew of dinosaurs primarily from

flintstones, meet the flintstones

i remember in 2nd grade my teacher mrs eye-course said there were reports of teams going into the jungles of africa looking for dinosaurs. that way back in the early 80s there was talk, speculation of dinosaurs in africa and even my elementary school teacher mentioned it. and the source of this was a newspaper article and a news segment

now i know how dangerous it could be to do this, with dangerous snakes and animals and ebola viruses and malaria

i did an internet search and sure enough

Aug 13, 2013 - The idea of still-living dinosaurs has captured the public's ... In 1980 and 1981, monster hunter [and retired University of Chicago biologist] Roy ... been more than two dozen searches for the "living dinosaur" over the years and ..

https://www.livescience.com › Mysteries

so i want to process this, way back when i was a kid in 2nd grade, my second grade elementary teacher told us that a team of scientists were sent to africa to find a living breathing dinosaur.

i had to use my imagination, with help from the flintstones and dinosaur coloring books on what that was like, and plastic toys like triceratops and t-rex

then on Fri Sep 28, 2018 10:43 am i find out that sure enough in 1980 and 81 there were teams that attempted to find one.

i still remember it. kinda like how christine ford sort of remembers her "rape" by brett kavanaugh

yesterday i saw jurassic world and i'm not sure what was robotics and what was cgi but if it was cgi it was damn amazing. it was very realistic looking

i'm still wondering how they did the dinosaurs. i know in the original one from 90s some of the dinosaurs were robotics

watching the raptor fight that creature of course i can understand where dragons came from and dragon bones

and seeing the fight scene of the raptors reminded me of a video game i personally played in the arcade back in the 90s, inspired by street fighter and mortal kombat

primal rage

i just watched jurassic world fallen kingdom 2nd grade and arcade game primal rage of 90s Maxres60

there were huge crowds of people both watching and taking turns playing this game at my local arcade.

the student union of the university had an arcade and in that arcade was this game along with street fighter and mortal kombat.

i prefer street fighter but when i played this game i preferred the raptor.

i just buttom smashed hoping something work and if i found something that worked i'd press same button over and over. i wasn't particularly good sadly.

of course now i can watch "real" raptors fighting in that movie Jurassic park fallen world

seeing the dinosaurs was amazing and they are immensely huge

both in the video game primal rage and in the movie dinosaurs eat humans.

i don't plan on re-watching this movie, in the end it was 2 hours of seeing dinosaur amazement then i'll forget about it.

in survivor millennial vs gen-x one of the girls was a christian and a creationist. as a creationist she said with a straight face that marco polo saw in china the emperor race dragons, or dinosaurs and it's not in any history textbooks.

zeke who i didn't know was born a girl and is now a trans-man, was scornful, as she spoke of dinosaurs and dragons interchangeably. the bible i learned sort of mention dragons as leviathans and behemous in the book of job, i learned this in church to. my church rejected evolution but not dinosaurs. dinosaurs did exist but couldn't eat food after noah's flood.

at this point in my life i'm not really interested in dinosaurs, other than to watch a movie with amazing lifelike special effects.
i didn't think the movies of jurassic park were great

i do recall in the first two movies of jurassic park, they had an australian guy try to capture them, perhaps inspired by crocodile dundee. that if you have a dinosaur infestation, get an Australian white male bloke to wrangle it. they know what to do.

watching australian survivor i think phoebe timmins is hilarious but she didn't care for spiders and now do i

in this most recent movie they had a russian oligarch bid $27 million on the killer dinosaur, and even the turtle dinosaur got millions.

i also have given up on bigfoot. i don't believe in bigfoot anymore. nor jesus. lots of things i gave up.

as far as animals are concerned while dinosaurs are interesting to look at and immensely huge
they don't do much

what i like most is this

i just watched jurassic world fallen kingdom 2nd grade and arcade game primal rage of 90s Simba_11

not just cats in general but this particular one.

whales and elephants and giraffs don't do anything for me, nor bigfoot now, but this particular cat simba is a super nice cuddly cat.

there's a video game world of tanks. perhaps there should be world of dinosaurs though i'm not sure how it would work as a first person shooter

on the n64 of long time ago i played turak where i was an american indian hunting dinosaurs.

at this time the special effects are so realistic its hard for me to get better. the cgi in the movie looks real.

since dinosaurs can't be patented or copyrighted,

whats to prevent say a chinese or russian movie producer say a time traveler going back to the age of dinosaurs, or through bermuda's triangle and being chased and then using cgi for the same animals.

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