I just watched Loopers, and thoughts of Jess and the Triangle

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I just watched Loopers, and thoughts of Jess and the Triangle

Post by redpill on Sun Sep 30, 2018 9:37 pm

Sun Sep 30, 2018

this post has spoilers to Loopers and Triangle, if you plan to watch it i suggest you not read this

I just watched Loopers, and it does remind me of the Triangle and Jess.

Loopers came after Triangle, not sure if Rian Johnson has seen Triangle both movies involve mothers, sons, sons who are different, autism and telekinesis, a using guns to kill people, and time loops.

in Loopers, that guy commits suicide in the end to break the endless cycle where the rainmaker, Sid orders all loopers closed, and that bruce willis guy goes back in time to try to kill Sid as a young boy, killing his mom, and grows up to kill him, whereas Jess never quits her loop. of course Jess forgets.

Jess of course would have to accept she had died, her son has died, and there is nothing she can do to change that fact.

Loopers guy accepts that this cycle will never end except with his suicide

i think triangle is the better movie, and still my favorite paranormal movie, but loopers is pretty elaborate. a lot of youtube comments is that after watching loopers they had high hopes for rian johnson last jedi

listverse has several recent lists on serial killers

paginag outerlimits teresa givens. time to kill those killers before they kill.

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