i had a fish tank as a kid of the 70s and 80s

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i had a fish tank as a kid of the 70s and 80s Empty i had a fish tank as a kid of the 70s and 80s

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Mon Oct 01, 2018

growing up, my family visited stores, and one of the stores i visited was a pet shop. the closest pet shop where i live was family owned, not part of a major chain retailer like petsmart, and it was called noah's ark.

what i wanted like most kids was a puppy but my family felt dogs were too high maintenance.

again this was late 70s when personal computers and video game consoles were almost nonexistent AFAIK

so they agreed to get me a fish tank. the pet store sales men talked to us about owning fish and a fishtank.

we bought a standard glass 10 gallon fish tank. we were told tap water is bad for fish bc it has chlorine, and soap is also bad.
they sold us a bottle with a chemical that drips a chemical that removes chlorine. we were told we only needed 1 drop, but that on a regular basis the tank water needs to be replaced.

we bought gravel, colored rainbow gravel, and a box filter and air pump, with floss and carbon. we were told that this filter fitlers out toxins. we had to replace this when the white cotton floss became dirty or about once a month.

i had a fish tank as a kid of the 70s and 80s Wkgacf10

and an electric heater and plastic plants and an electric light source. i don't remember if it was fluorescent or incandescent

and we bought tropical fish, but we also bought a gold fish

we bought those guppies and neon fish. tropical fish with a sword at the tail.

i found it fascinating to see the fish swim and of course i was a young child at the time. one of the fish laid eggs and they hatched into tiny fish.

we had algae growing so the pet shop sold us a cat fish. it was fun.

i had a fish tank as a kid of the 70s and 80s Aquari10

when i visited doctors and dentist office, they often had fish tanks, as did chinese restaurants.

again this was late 70s but one thing i thought really captured my imagination was that at night, when the house was completely dark, i'd like to turn on the fish tank light and watch the whole fish tank lit with light.

at one point i had 1 crayfish in it that i caught in a seasonal pool. at another point i had a single goldfish for several years when it finally died

i admit one naughty thing i did when i was in second grade was my idea of fun was trying to catch these fish with my bare hands and i had some success.

i remember catching a molly with my bare hands.

i had a fish tank as a kid of the 70s and 80s Black-10

kinda like video game, in a era where there were no common video games AFAIK

so if you wanted to know what i did for fun in an era before computers and video games, the era of the 70s, i liked to catch fish in my fish tank with my bare hands with some success.

i also visited ponds and tried to do the same. amazingly i didn't die from the brain eating amoeba but i had no success.

i had this maintained for almost a decade, into my high school years, when i finally lost interest when i graduated from high school.

it was quite a bit of work keeping the fish tank, in addition to cleaning the filter and replacing the motorized air motor, we had to replace the water and i would frequently have to clean out the gravel, as there was a lot of detrius and fish poop there.

recently i visited a fish pet store that also had marine fish. if you think keeping freshwater tropical fish was difficult, marine fish is on a whole new order of difficulty, and the fish are considerably more expensive.

this marine fish store has clown fish and clown shrimp and sea urchins and even jelly fish and star fish. but keeping these creatures alive is difficult

they now, in 2018 have LED lights. and yeah some areas of this pet store are dark and the only light is the LED light lightening up the fish tank.

LED lights now, and fish tanks as cylinders and spheres.

while i think its nifty to see this from time to time, even if this was all 100% free, which it's not its very expensive,
keeping them alive,

with tropical fish i cleaned filter. replaced water and cleaned gravel.

with marine fish there's specialized food, pH, salinity, temperature, oxygenation, urea and amonia levels list goes on.

i did ask about octopus and they told me that they are not good pets as they try to escape and have very short lifespan.

i can understand the super rich with money to burn wanting to keep something that looks like the underwater ocean

in their mansion, safer than scuba diving and worrying about shark attacks

but for me its too much work for very little payoff.

and now with pc's and video game consoles like ps4 and xbox, it seems thats a better way to spend money for fun i think, that and pet cats.

i dont have any fish tank and i have no plans to but its neat for me to visit petsmart and petco and see the fish for a few minutes

while finding a tandy 1000 would be quite difficult

many of the same species of fish that were sold in petstores in the 1970s like guppies and neons are still sold today and look exactly the same now as they did then. no change.

pets don't seem to change much with technology, though they now have LED fish tanks and automatic cat litter boxes.

i'm not sure to what extent fish appeals to today's kids when they have iphones and tablets but

once i was at petsmart to check prices on cat food and i saw a blonde girl maybe 7 being excited about buying fish and it was 2018 when this happened.

for me there's no pet except cats and dogs i am interested in and dogs are way to high maintenance.

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