in fourth grade i got a B on a drawing of candle by winter

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in fourth grade i got a B on a drawing of candle by winter

Post by redpill on Wed Oct 03, 2018 11:35 am

Wed Oct 03, 2018

in the movie triangle,

when sally said she didnt like seeing jess with greg, i wondered why. she basically thought jess wanted to shake down greg, that shes a tramp

jess told her son tommy i don't know why you cant paint a picture like a normal kid. you know you get this from your father. he was an asshole to. she also says shit in front of her kid.

it totally changed my picture of jess lol.

i thought sally was a snob. she's not politcally correct when heather said he's autistic, sally called him retarded LOL.

i guess political correctness is not an australian strong suite lol. awesome movie.

speaking of my childhood

in elementary school we learned the standard three r's reading writing rithmetic

we also took an art and craft class, time out for that and recess

the teacher wanted us to draw a candle light by winter iirc she was the mother of my classmate meredith

meredith was blonde as was her mother and she stated she had blood type o-, and she had a theory that

o- means you're weird, so she acted goofy. one thing she could do is cross her eyes, something i cannot do.

so the picture with painting we had to draw then paint with color was inspired by this

my picture had snow flakes and a moon, with bars on the window

she gave me a B

i'm not particularly artistically gifted, i cant draw straight lines or perfect circles sadly.

i admit i was mifffed about getting a B as i wanted an A

some of my other classmates drew the same image, but did it better, with straighter lines and more realistic looking

there was no consumer internet in those days of the apple 2e

so we had to rely on our imagination, she described what she wanted in the painting and tasked us to draw it.

looking at photos like this has a calming effect on me

i like watching snow flakes fall out the window during the winter night, but lit by moonlight

i dont see many windows, new windows, with bars across it like shown here. not sure why. it obstructs the view

i suspect it was there originally to strengthen it.

i didn't keep those photos sadly. somewhere in a trash dump are old drawings i made as a kid

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