dateline secrets bathtub sarah widmer accidental or murder drowning

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dateline secrets bathtub sarah widmer accidental or murder drowning

Post by redpill on Wed Oct 03, 2018 1:37 pm

Wed Oct 03, 2018
2 Jan 1984

Death 11 Aug 2008 (aged 24)

i just watched dateline secrets bathtub about the drowning death of sarah widmer 24

i've not heard of her or this case

so the issue to be decided was

did her husband ryan drown her out of anger, or did she die a natural cause.

one thing that i found interesting is that sarah widmer falls asleep during the day,

she worked as a dental assistant and during breaks she heads to her car to sleep

so one possibility was she fell asleep in the bathtub and drowned.

the other is her husban ryan deliberate drowned her.

there is reasonable doubt in my mind

my thread on white flowers deaths include sudden unexplained death

white flowers like sarah sometime literally drop dead, and in other cases they die in their sleep

sarah widmer had some undiagnosed underlying health issue that causes her to sleep during the day a lot.

there was a home video of her talking and smiling and then suddenly without explanation she was sleeping.

one possible cause for this is narcolepsy.

she could have died in her sleep while taking a bath. a childhood friend of sarahs said she knows her friend fell asleep

during a bath, and that she admits she herself also falls asleep while bathing.

my thread of white flowers now takes me several days to peruse. but instant unexplained death does happen.

but the evidence that persuaded guilt for the jury was injuries to her neck, which defense said could come from

EMT attempting to resuscitate her. her hair was wet but her body was dry. and there wasn't much water around the


during the documentary there was a free ryan widmer and not one, not two, but 3 young women developed an interest in her.

one from iowa, who testified against him, one from seattle, and a third named sarah.

so in effect he's using his notoriety to attract women. the third woman sarah actually became pregnant with his baby a son

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