more pictures from my visit to the Swedenborg new church

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more pictures from my visit to the Swedenborg new church Empty more pictures from my visit to the Swedenborg new church

Post by redpill on Fri Oct 05, 2018 8:50 pm

Fri Oct 05, 2018

i knew i took a lot of photos from my visits to the Swedenborg new church but i couldnt find them

these are the redpills lost photos of swedenborg

more pictures from my visit to the Swedenborg new church P1000510
more pictures from my visit to the Swedenborg new church P1000512
more pictures from my visit to the Swedenborg new church P1000511

what made this church stand out for me,

is that the swedenborgians, in addition to relying on the bible, also rely on the writings of emmanuel swedenborg

they regard his writings like celestia arcana as the actual word of god, equal to the bible

in this they are similar to the mormons who also rely on the book of mormons,

unlike the book of mormons some excepts of swedeborg sounds like nice quotes and nice ideas.

one thing i liked was that swedenborg goes into greater detail on angels than does the bible, i wanted to learn more about angels than what the bible presents

since evangelicals think only the bible is scripture, and the bible says next to nothing about them, it leaves a lot to be desired.

i met several members and the pastor. i did ask the pastor not about homosexuality which i dont care for, nor abortion

but what swedenborg new church have to say about all the killing going on in the bible. he gave the standard line

that they were living in sin so god had to take care of them. which is coded speech for genocide.

its too bad the new church didn't ditch the OT like marcion.

it looks like a typical small christian church. they had families of parents with young children and this church also

had a school, like a catholic school, where they educate young children both in the bible and swedenborg.

now that i'm an adult i was interested in whether there were single ladies, but i don't recall seeing any.

this is in stark contrast with a typical evangelical church, like vineyard church which i've been to, and catholic and

mormon, with mormon seemingly having the nicest

now, i dont believe in the book of mormons, i dont believe that it is the actual history of the usa, but they have a lot of

good looking apparently single young ladies so.

one difference is mormons of course go door to door, swedenborgs dont. i think in some respects i'd be happier

to read swedenborg's works than the book of mormons, but a pretty mormon girl beats nonexistent single ladies at a swedenborg church, or a unitarian one.

swedenborg works span an encyclopedia set, and i kinda now dont believe in angels, just as i dont believe in bigfoot anymore.

i've read quotes from swedenborg some of which was on display

True charity is the desire to be useful to others with no thought of recompense.
Love in its essence is spiritual fire.
Love consists in desiring to give what is our own to another and feeling his delight as our own.

this sounds better than the bible, and better than the book of mormons.

if i were to open my own cult, i'd include excepts from swedenborg like this, to go nicely with the gospel of thomas. i'd ditch the nasty jewish god and the nasty old testament like marcion

while i agree with atheist marshall brain that the bible is mostly nonsense, i think some of the secondary literature such as the writings of swedenborg can have value for the soul.

on youtube there is a channel offthelefteye where he talks about swedenborg

ultimately i dont believe in angels, if studying the writings of emmanuel swedenborg statements on angels can translate to actual real world benefits, that these angels can do things for you like miracle healing

i'd study his work, maybe even join his church.

most of swedenborg's writing is on the bible, his exegesis of the bible, including the Old testament. as i regard the old testament to be mostly nonsense, most of his exegesis is an attempt to make sense out of nonsense.

if i were to start my own cult, which is seemingly impossible, since i dont have time, or followerers, i'd hand pick, cherry pick swedenborg's writings, and present that alongside neoplatonism and the gospel of thomas and gnosticism, sufism, zen buddhism taoism, the true home for his ideas.

i actually met and spoke to several members of this swedenborg church. compared to some pentecostal, vineyard, IHOP even catholic church, it was very small, but larger than Unitarian church and quaker

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