a local swedenborg churches go out of business what happens next

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a local swedenborg churches go out of business what happens next

Post by redpill on Mon Oct 08, 2018 9:53 pm

Mon Oct 08, 2018

it was raining sunday night where i lived,

so time for sundayschool with redpill

there are probably a dozen or so churches in a 5 mile radius of where i live,

a greek orthodox with greeks
catholic, methodist presbyterian
vineyhard, mormon and a jehovah witness kingdom hall

about 30 miles away there is a swedenborg church

in the joseph smith movement there is 2 main divisions the mormon lds church in utah and community of christ church in missouri

both regard bible + book of mormons as sacred

in the swedenborg church there are 2 main divisions

the new church and the church of the new Jerusalem

swedeborng both regard

bible + works of swedenborg as canon

there was a church of the new Jerusalem about 30 miles out and therefore a swedeborg church

i tried getting more info but i got this

Yelpers report this location has closed.

so after being around for decades, it finally "closed"

Reverend Alison was the pastor of this church

what happens when a church dies?

what happened here?

and what became of Reverend Alison and the parishioners who attended this church and financially supported it?

this church used to have a website and had photos of families with kids at this church, where they presumably were learning swedenborg and the bible

they still have videos of their church on youtube

what happened to rev Allison of the swedenborg church? is she a rev at another location?

what happened to all the families who supported it? do they go to another church?

why and how did it close?

i've always wondered how church work financially. i know they are tax exempt.

i gues the money they get in a collection plate every sunday is enough to pay off the building utilities and salary for the revend or pastor.

and what if the pastor wants to go on vacation? who covers those sundays?


i think that the fact mormons are doing great and swedeborgs are closing churches is proof that in religion the best idea doesn't necessarily win out, as i regard swedeborg writings, at least some of them, to be better than the book of mormons.

but mormons are growing and swedeborgs are closing churches.

and does the fact swedenborg churches go out of business but many evangelical churches growing cause any religious doubts in the mind of the swedenborgs?

why doesn't god save swedenborg churches from extinction?

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