street fighter 2 mortal kombat yie are the kung fu virtua fighter remembered

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street fighter 2 mortal kombat yie are the kung fu virtua fighter remembered

Post by redpill on Tue Oct 09, 2018 1:28 pm

Tue Oct 09, 2018

when i went to college, there was a student union with an arcade and esp during lunch and dinner hours
there were huge crowds of spectators

everyone was watching and playing 1 game

i was in high school when i first heard people, boys really, talking about it. i hadn't seen it though.

probably the most popular game like this that also drew huge crowds was

yie are the kung fu

there were also huge crowds for this, but it was 1 player.

and legend of the kage

i remember watching this game and i remember thinking, it's a shame you can't have 2 player and play against one another. you can only play against the computer, and some good players can beat all of them.

well sure enough street fighter 2 came along.

i remember being at pizza hut and they had this game in the restaurant, but without the huge crowds i could actually play it.

with the huge crowds it was difficult to play street fighter in the arcade.

i remember my roomate saying how guile if you can throw a punch and throw an energy beam. i know that's total b.s

for the most part everyone liked to play ken and ryu and throw fireballs and dragon punches.

the one thing i never really learned was how to do so reliable. i knew the joystick and button combo but i never could time it correct. maybe i would throw a dragon punch or fire ball once every 3-4 attempts

i preferred either chun lie or honda and throw the hundred hand slap.

arcades were an important part of my life and this was one of the biggest quarter sucker i've seen, and i thought gauntlet was a huge quarter sucker

i actually didn't play much street fighter in the arcade bc i hate losing. i hate it. and of course there are playings who were supremely gifted in this game.

one of the funny things for me is i once played it, and they upgraded it as requiring 2 quarters.
so i played honda. this one guy played ryu to try to beat me.

i just button mashed honda hundred hand slap

i beat him. he got pissed and played again, another 2 quarters, so its a buck now. i beat him again using the same hundred hand slap.

so he played a third time, and again i beat him and he left. he obviously hated losing.

though the computer easily beat me. pressing the punch button was the only thing i could do.

i also preferred chun li for the same reason, for the kick. she was a bit faster than honda, and later they gave her a fireball.

it was fun for me and huge crowds to see the very best street fighters compete against one another

i also learned the lore, such as chun li wanting to avenge father, balrog was originally m bison as in mike tyson the boxer.
i even saw the street fighter movie

the mortal kombat movie was better.

later on mortal kombat came into the arcade. the digitized graphics were amazing but street fighter was more popular, but there were still huge crowds.

mortal kombat had fatalities and weird things like grabbing balls. i remember there was some question whether you can do the ball grab on sonja.

the very first fighting vs game i ever played which my neighbor billy owned was boxing on the atari 2600

i actually played this game and i won a lot and it was fun. it only had 1 button.

much later there was primal rage and virtua fighter

i thought virtua fighter graphics were amazing but it was hardly ever played

there were no crowds for this game.

i ended up getting street fighter 2 for the snes. i would play that game the entire day. wake in the morning and just play play. eat then play. then later for the original playstation then dreamcast.

my dreamcast now is broken and it would cost almost an entire new console to replace it, so i'm thinking of just saving the money for a ps5 or xbox, if i even have the time.

i owned a ps3 but sold it and haven't upgraded since. its hard to find time to play.

it's not money, its time. which is why i wish i could somehow transport my soul into a kid today so i can have free time again.

i played these games in the 90s and i'm typing this Tue Oct 09, 2018

where did all the time go?

my memories of 90s can be summarized

star trek voyager, outerlimits, games like street fighter, the rise of windows 3.0 then 95, the birth of the internet, movies like terminator 2 and independence day, windows vs mac and intel vs powerpc debates.

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