when i studied French language

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when i studied French language Empty when i studied French language

Post by redpill on Tue Oct 09, 2018 2:46 pm

Tue Oct 09, 2018

in sixth grade my junior high offered spanish and so i took it.

in seventh grade my junior high offered french and so i took it.

it was taught a young french speaking woman, who i was told had a baby delivered in the junior high library, when i was in 8th grade.

growing up i sort of through osmosis learned that french culture is the most sophisticated and elite and elegant in the world.

i got the impression that the lifetstyle of the elite rich in this nation is to learn to speak french fluently, that french culture and french food and french literature and french philosophy is the pinacle of a cultured person.

cultured rich white people learn french, and go to france and paris.

french is also the language of love, and language of romance, and french lovers is something that a lot of american women groupies want to get with. there are websites about how american women can snag a french guy.

i do like french baguettes. ballet is also originally french i think.

part of the pop culture of france is i saw cartoons as a kid

in the cartoon JEM one song was twilight in paris, city of live

there was the movie dead poet society where iirc one guy in a private elite school like what brett kavanugh went to spoke french

beauty and the beast from disney was set in france.

anyhow, i learned for 1 year french.

i couldn't pronounce some sounds in french, and what really killed me was the accent marks. they have 2, in different directions, and so i could never remember correctly which direction and when to use them. Spanish only had 1.
so i would make spelling mistakes and lose points.

i ended up taking spanish and in high school spanish. in the usa spanish is useful in that there are a lot of spanish speaking people here.

of the 3, french spanish german, i kinda like german tiger tanks and german guns and ww2 german vs russians in stalingrad
german 88. panzerfaust panzershrek, mp40, stukas i learned this all from playing video games and watching ww2 movies.

names like von manstein, rommel, hitler french can't compare. french just surrendered after 4 weeks.

i played Call of Duty and lots of german is spoken and i like watching movies on ww2 and the holocaust.

seeing a german tiger tank does more for me than french romance story.

though i do like french baguettes with butter yum.

watching germans and russians fight in stalingrad and playing call of duty where i can play a sniper in stalingrad was awesome

so if a lot of american women are french groupies, i'm a ww2 german groupie.

watching that Fury movie and those german tanks vs german tanks wow. gets me excited about german culture, specifically ww2.

i can't imagine anyone whose first langue is english, then learning chinese or japanese except a super genius, but i grew up during the ninja craze and my friends and i we loved ninjas. at least Spanish german and french us the latin alphabet

i struggled with the 2 different accent marks in french, i can't imagine how anyone can learn chinese or japanese but wow, seeing ninjas and shaolin monks and kung fu panda.

france may have sophisticated philosophy and literature, i listen to literature nerds talk about french authors like moliere that i've never heard of nor read, but what i really like seeing is martial arts action sequences like bruce lee jackie chan donnie yen and even kung fu panda

one of my neighbors a guy named art who was half black half hispanic, was way more into ninjas than i was, and martial arts. he ended up learning japanese (!) and went to northwestern to study japanese culture and travelled to japan.

on forged in fire, there were a lot of forgers who studied how to forge in japan, katanas.

studying a language like that, which doesnt even use the english latin alphabet is unimaginable to me, and i like ninjas.

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