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Post by redpill on Sat Oct 13, 2018 8:13 pm

Sat Oct 13, 2018

of the 7.5 billion people on this planet, only a handful of people alive today know who C**y P**C was.

i remember, and i am an eyewitness to her.

she and I attended different elementary schools from kindergarten to fifth grade. So I didn't know her from elementary school.

several different elementary schools fed into the same junior high.

our junior high had grades 6th to 8th grade. roughly corresponding to ages 12-14.

when we were fifth graders we explored this junior high, and by the time of 8th grade we were top of the food chain.

our junior high had 2 "clusters" for each grade, 6, 7, 8th.

each cluster seemingly randomly assigned, for 6th grade it was cluster C and Cluster D.

I and C**y P**C were both in the same cluster, cluster C, and not only that, she and i had the same exact home room.

it was same year that the Challenger disaster happened.

i remember when it was announced during homeroom, you could hear laughter and the homeroom teacher was so angry that he turned bright pink, saying that when human life is dies it is NOT funny. there should be no laughing.

I don't remember who was laughing.

I wasn't friends or close to C**y P**C , for one thing we had completely different interests.

C**y P**C was i am told a good student, she did know what a bonsai tree was. she was also involved in student government. we took it to a vote, and she got voted to be a member of council. i think she may have been in the honor society.

C**y P**C was seemingly interested in sports and she got good grades and interested in student government. i think she might have been in band. i was into wolverine and the x-men, gi joe, comics, ninjas, D&D and video games and computer games. there were other boys who shared my interests, but practically no girls. sadly i wasn't athletic or musical.

she was NOT in academic bowl or math team, which i was. but i was told she got good grades and she was well liked enough to make student government.

one episode i remember was that in homeroom, there were 5 girls sitting in a large table during lunch including  C**y P**C . we ate lunch at homeroom. we first met in homeroom to take roll call, then return to homeroom for lunch.

C**y P**C  and 3 other girls, another one i remember being Andrea, and another Betsy Elizabeth C*ker than sit in a 4-sided smaller table, excluding the fifth girl Julie, who had to eat her lunch at the larger table, by herself. for whatever reason they decided, Andrea and  C**y P**C , to not include Julie  C at their lunch table.

So Julie C sat by herself during lunch. i felt kinda bad for her in some ways. she was short and fat.  C**y P**C was athletic build and slender, brown eyes and brown hair iirc

i remember returning back from a 3-day weekend. by the lockers, in junior high we had our own lockers, i returned that weekend I overheard a couple of kids talking about some kid who died. some kid who was shot.

I had no clue who it was.

In homeroom it was announced by the principal that he had bad knews,  C**y P**C was shot and killed over the weekend.

i remember a lot of my classmates were crying, even Julie who was excluded and forced to sit at another table, was crying wailing over  C**y P**C  death.

i was stunned and shocked.  C**y P**C  was visiting a female friend, and her older brother was playing with an antique musket, where it discharged and it struck and killed her. apparently he performed cpr on  C**y P**C  when EMT arrived, and she was put to the hospital but pronounced dead.

from what i understand C**y P**C was with Kirsten, then she entered another room in Kirsten's house and the same exact moment that her brother discharged the gun which then struck her in the chest, immediately incapacitating her. she apparently was alive and conscious and in pain for a few minutes.

to me that's incredibly unlucky.

i was shocked in that before the weekend,  C**y P**C  was walking and talking. we return from the holiday 3 day weekend and  C**y P**C  was dead.

at age 12.  she got 12 years. she had an older sister. she had a christian funeral with a church. though i didn't think  C**y P**C  was the least bit religious during the time i knew her.

she is the very first white flower i knew of, and not too long later in the news was Amy Mihalavic. that didn't end well for her either.

so i only knew  C**y P**C  for a few months, from August when classes started to her death near the end of 6th grade.

she's been dead all these years.

but i remember.

i do remember when she mentioned bonsai trees in class, i asked her how she knew about bonsai trees, and she said something about she just knows about it. i knew about it due to karate kid and martial arts classes.  

this was a public school, but some of my classmates were religious and prayed and talked about how this was god's plan, and how she is now with jesus christ in heaven.

it certainly got me interested in jesus and heaven, as i could die at any second for any reason.

what if C**y P**C wasn't with her friend Kirstin that weekend, and wasn't shot and killed?

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