i met muslim offering soup and drinks

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i met muslim offering soup and drinks Empty i met muslim offering soup and drinks

Post by redpill on Sun Oct 14, 2018 12:58 pm

Sun Oct 14, 2018

time for sunday school with redpill

i knew of a black muslim student who told me he debated a christian from intervarsity christian fellowship over islam and koran vs christianity and the bible.

now i didn't attend that debate, but of course i heard from muslims the muslim debater won and from christians that the christian won.

i did attend a debate between theodore drange atheist debating william craig christian sponsored by intervasity christian fellowship. i thought the atheist had better points, but a popular vote with audience mostly christian gave william craig the winner. when it comes to showmanship and debate performance, craig is engaging as a speaker, but i think his claims that god exists bc jesus christ was resurrected is pure b.s

years later, i saw muslims at a table.

a muslim girl offered me soup, arabic soup.

this offer reminded me of the seinfeld episode involving the soup nazi. the soup nazi was arabic and demanded everyone follow his directions for soup. everyone had to obey to eat soup.
elaine then found the actual recipe soup nazi used and soup nazi was sad and moved away.

the arabic soup the muslim gave me was tasty soup.

i can see why seinfeld used a muslim arab for the soup nazi i think he was iraqi. i don't know the name of the arabic soup but it was good soup.

the muslim girl of course was wrapped up like the typical muslims. and she is passionate about her muslim faith.

she asked me if i was a christian, and then wanted to explain about the prophet mohammad.

muslims dont have the best marketing i must say.

she did ask me if i knew christians and she wanted to set up a debate, muslim vs christian.

i said i did know some christians and i directed her to them. i don't know if they set up a debate.
it could be informal.

ultimately these debates rest on hearsay. the claims of mohammad, which are not verifiable, vs claims of the new testament, which also are not verifiable.

this muslim student participates in muslim student association and knows and is friends with muslims, and likewise the christian.

muslim is racially arabic, the christian was white, from white america.

i do imagine what its like to go through college as a white evangelical intervarsity christian, vs homosexual, vs in this case muslim

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