atheist Jesus never existed - did Alexamenos exist ?

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atheist Jesus never existed - did Alexamenos exist ?

Post by redpill on Mon Oct 15, 2018 11:53 am

Mon Oct 15, 2018

there was an inscription found

dated 200 CE

it reads

 “Alexamenos worships his god”

for atheists who claim Jesus never existed,

did Alexamenos exist ?

using the historical method,

did Alexamenos exist ?

what details can you provide of his existence?

how do you know? what evidence is there that  Alexamenos existed?

. The Roman scholar Fronto said, “The religion of the Christians is foolish, inasmuch as they worship a crucified man, and even the instrument itself of his punishment. They are said to worship the head of an ass.”

what does Fronto say about Christian beliefs in the second century?

using the same historical method, one that answers the question did Alexamenos exist ?

did Jesus exist?

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