when i owned a powermac 7600

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when i owned a powermac 7600  Empty when i owned a powermac 7600

Post by redpill on Tue Oct 16, 2018 12:26 pm

Tue Oct 16, 2018

in the mid 90s, after i sold the mac classic 2 but before windows 95 i owned a powermac 7600

it had system 7 software.

i bought it on college list, which is similar to craigs list

with monitor.

it also had microsoft word 5.1

when i owned a powermac 7600  Power-10

some games i actually played on this platform

ambrosia software aperion

when i owned a powermac 7600  Arcade10

and maelstrom

when i owned a powermac 7600  Hqdefa71

these macs had good sound and color graphics.

one game i played a lot was

Bungie Software

when i owned a powermac 7600  Marath10

this actually was the first person shooter on a computer i played, though i did play golden eyes 007 on an n64

modest by today's standards i feel in love with first person shooters, in this case marathon. i loved the idea of double pistols, but there were more powerful laser guns.

there was no network for me, i just played against the mac

i died a lot.

but yeah in the 90s marathon on the mac was my intro to first person shooting.

in some ways owning a mac over a windows pc was like owning a sega master system over a nintendo in the 80s

i prefer sega master system, but all the games were for nintnedo, and likewise owning a mac, when all the coolest newest games were for windows

for example, in the 90s were the first intro of 3d cards, such as 3dfx. and that was only on a pc, but i owned a mac.

one thing i sort of learned is that i could buy computer at discount from students unloading it, then sell it for nearly the same price, in some cases higher price, on student forums, so in effect i was borrowing a mac "for free"

i got a modem for the mac to dial in by modem to university server, and i also had a browser, internet explorer and netscape for the mac.

i was told powerpc was faster but pentiums seem fast and they had the newest games which again was like sega master system which i preferred over Nintendo.

i eventually sold the mac, and i will talk about my next blog post that i went to the dark side and never returned.

i think in the early 90s the macintosh offered a better non-gaming OS experience to windows, which was pretty complicated.

windows 3.1 still required knowledge of DOS and how to to do config.sys and irq and other hassles. i actually knew how to do this partially from my time with the tandy 1000sx

but i could see all the newest graphics card like 3dfx voodoo and nvidia coming to pc and windows. at the same time i was getting older and my childhood was over and my time was getting more difficult to find time for games.

i wasn't a kid anymore at this point even though gaming grew a lot, leaps and bounds. it was hard to just find time.

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