since i like obamacare, i may vote democrat and bigfoot

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since i like obamacare, i may vote democrat and bigfoot Empty since i like obamacare, i may vote democrat and bigfoot

Post by redpill on Fri Oct 19, 2018 11:12 am

Fri Oct 19, 2018

i consider myself independent, middle of the road, moderate in politics.

when i was a kid growing up i saw presidents carter followed by reagan bush clinton bush obama and now trump.

for my everyday life i have not noticed much difference between a republican or a democrat, on a personal level.

sometime in junior high i became aware of the issue of abortion, and i learned republicans are prolife and democrats prochoice

in my day to day life i've not seen much of a difference, the state i grew up in state flips between democrats and republicans, though it is now  "democrat". actually most of the state and rural area is republican, but the largest city is 100% democrat and a dangerous crime area well known for murders.

i actually prefer a mixed goverment where if a republican controls the presidency i want congress to be controlled by the democrats and vice versa. reagan had a democrat congress and clinton had a republican one.

obama started with a democrat congress then in 2010 flipped to republicans.

i had no issue with Trump winning, since we had 8 years of obama and democrats, and i had no issue with obama since we had 8 years of republicans with bush.

and i had no issue with how the 2000 election was decided in favor of bush over gore, since we had 8 years of clinton.

the original count in florida had bush winning, and on the automatic recount, bush still won by a much slimmer margin.

so the secretary of state certified florida for bush, but of course gore wanted another recount. i remember those months like yesterday.

under obama we got obamacare and for the most part i like what i see. obama care is something that affects me on a personal level.

now trump campaigned on the claim, promise he and the republicans will repeal obamacare and replace it with something better.

Mitch Mcconnel said he plans to repeal obamacare, but he did not say he will replace it with something better.

when it comes to abortion prochoiers are famous for the claim that prolifers care about the fetus in the womb, but once it is born, they don't care.

well republicans want to stop a woman's right to choose an abortion, and Mitch McConnell says he wants repeal obamacare, but not say what will take its place, if anything.

obviously a pregnant woman needs health care and then the infant baby.

i've followed bigfoot since i was a kid and saw that famous video on tv

this ad on bigfoot

since i like obamacare, i may vote democrat and bigfoot Bigfoo10

has bigfoot claiming that the GOP is in the bed with big pharma.

a claim that's plausible. i watch survivor and i know i can easily flip. i know that both parties are captive to their corporate sponsors.

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if GOP wants to repeal obamacare and not replace it, and cut social security,that does affect my life as my mother now has dementia, then i will vote democrat for midterm 2018

my original thoughts prior to reading this was that the economy is doing fine, so i'd be happy with GOP rule as long as the economy is doing well. a rising tide lifts all boats.

but if the GOP wants to cut social security and obamacare, i'm voting democrat.

i am well aware of leftist claims the GOP only care about the top 1% and their interests, and if it is true, i may vote democrat. the GOP claim is what is good for business and the economy is good for society, and their policies help businesses grow expand and employment.

life is like a game of survivor. i vote for the party that benefits me personally. a growing economy benefits me personally, but so does obamacare and social security for my retired mother.

i know that the national deficit and national debt is a potential problem down the road. but my family comes first. keep obamacare and social security, and i trust democrats at this time more to save it.

growing up when my mom worked, she had healthcare through her job, which i also benefit from as her children, but now she is retired, she has obamacare, and i like what i see, and social security income. really helps to pay the bills.

growing up it made no difference to me on a personal level whether democrats are in charge or republicans, i noticed NO difference. but now, obamacare and social security i do see a difference, based on claims mitch McConnell said.

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