Australia Mr Cruel and The Unsolved Murder of JonBenet Ramsey sex tourism

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Australia Mr Cruel and The Unsolved Murder of JonBenet Ramsey sex tourism Empty Australia Mr Cruel and The Unsolved Murder of JonBenet Ramsey sex tourism

Post by redpill on Sun Oct 21, 2018 1:46 pm

Sun Oct 21, 2018

my theory that Mr Cruel from Melbourne Australia to Boulder Colorado Dec 1991

today on listverse

10 Unconventional Types Of Tourism

5 Sex Tourism

As should already be obvious from its name, sex tourists are those who travel to another country for sex. Most of the time, the tourist will be traveling from a developed nation to a less developed one. It used to be the exclusive province of Western tourists, but more sex tourists are now coming from China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. Popular sex destinations include Cambodia, Thailand, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic. Sex tourism is so important to the economy of countries like Thailand that it already contributes around 12 percent of its gross domestic product. The tourists themselves want to explore sex in total freedom without having to worry about what would have happened if they were in their home country. Sex tourism is not without controversies. It is basically prostitution, which is the leading cause of human trafficking. Prostitution and sex trafficking rings are often run by criminals. The prostitutes themselves are generally unable to speak out, since prostitution is usually still technically illegal in the destination countries.[6]

Australian Mr Cruel traveling the USA to visit child beauty pageants, something his native Australia did NOT have in the 1990s, would be a form of sex tourism. Mr Cruel is a pedophile, and Australia in the 1990s did NOT have child beauty pageants. He would have to travel to the USA to see young english speaking white girls

Presumably he's visited Thailand and other nations listed for young non-white girls.

and for a white english speaking Australian to visit the USA, it would not be much of a difference, akin to an American visiting Australia, Canada or the UK

my theory is that Mr Cruel left Melbourne Australia to Boulder Colorado to watch and observe child beauty pageants.

While skiing in Boulder Colorado he visited these child beauty pageants and learned of Miss Colorado JonBenet Ramsey

he decides using his home invading skillset honed from his native Melbourne Australia, to visit JonBenet Ramsey Dec 25, 1996, having previously cased the property and Ramsey habits.

this is only 5 years after Karmein Chan in 1991.

After the Ramsey leave for the White party, Mr Cruel slips in undetected. He scours the home, and writes the ransom note

He then abducts Jonbenet, removes her from the home, takes her to a hotel or inside a rented van, films her, sexually assaults her, kills her then returns to the Ramsey home, dumps her body there and leaves the ransom note.

He then returns to Melbourne Australia sometime before 1997. In his suitcase are photos of a nude JonBenet Ramsey, taken just before she died.

He calculated that the Ramseys would be blamed for her murder and he was right. He's now back in Australia.

In addition to the 4 in Melbourne, Mr Cruel knows that Eloise Worlege's parents were the prime suspects in her disappearance in 1976, while he also have photos of Eloise, who he also killed. Karmein Chan's parents were also the suspects in Karmein's abduction.

Mr. Cruel knows how to pin the blame on the parents.

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