are prayers of christian fundamentalists more effective than say mormons or catholics or jews

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are prayers of christian fundamentalists more effective than say mormons or catholics or jews Empty are prayers of christian fundamentalists more effective than say mormons or catholics or jews

Post by redpill on Sun Oct 21, 2018 4:27 pm

Sun Oct 21, 2018

when i attended an evangelical church with bible study teachers from the moody bible institute, they talked about having correct doctrine.

false religions do not adhere to the bible. roman catholicism while they claim to be christian are not actually christian. there is no biblical or scriptural support for their errors.

similarly, mormons, jehovah witness and other groups are not actually christian. they espouse heresies. mormons have added the book of mormon which is not in the bible. the last book of the bible is revelations and in it there is a passage if anyone adds to this book, god will ad to them plagues. it is interpreted this book as the entire christian bible, but this book taken literally only means the book of revelation.

these christians seemingly taught that the full new testament was available just days after jesus death, and it was 100% recognize by true christians as canon. fake christian gospels like the gospel of thomas were recognized by the true christians as fakes and rejected.

i now know this is incorrect history. it is gas lighting.

muslims worship the devil, and the koran is of the devil. all other religions and philosophies are false.

the bible is the inerrant literal truth of god.

one obvious question is how or who or what answers the prayers of muslims mormons catholics and others?

and are the prayers of a jehovah witness, or a jew, more or less effective than the prayers of a fundamentalist?

if a child of a fundamentalist christian is dying of leukemia, is that prayer any less or more effective than a prayer of a jew or a muslim?

why not then subject prayers to testing?

there are groups of sick dying children

one group of protestant fundamentalists prays vs catholics prays vs mormons vs jews vs new age vs muslims

see which group of prayers is most effective.

if as fundamentalists say their doctrine is correct as it is based on the bible, are their prayers any more successful than say mormons which are not grounded in the bible?

i of course listen to fundamentalist quote verses of scripture, from the bible to prove that their views are correct, and other views are wrong. but i have no reason to beleive the bible itself is credible with magic talking snakes and men over 1000 years of age and other such nonsense

when it comes to prayer, does god listen to one set of prayers more than others?

i've never heard a fundamentalist argue that only their prayers are answered, but those of false christians like mormons and catholics are not answered.

i'm sympathetic to the atheist claim no prayers are ever answered. thus far my mom's dementia isn't worsening but it isn't getting better. it is staying the same IMHO. so i'll pray to the deisitc god even though in deism god doesn't answer prayers.

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