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Post by redpill on Mon Oct 22, 2018 5:19 pm

Mon Oct 22, 2018

*spoiler warning* Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith 22: Fortress Vader, Part IV.

i just finished reading darth vader comic #22

darth vader lord momin   Cover_10

its about the story of lord momin,

my summary

as a kid he kills a rata cat, cuts it up and uses its organs and entrails to create a grotesque work of art.

i'd be disgusted to. that's serial killerish

he has an art theory of creating a response in the viewer and the worse fate for an artist is to be forgotten

but his art consists of killing animals and using their organs to create shock and disgust

he was in prison when a sith lord shaa rescues him. offers him to be her apprentice

and in true sith fashion momin kills his master, but he doesn't take another apprentice. instead he visits sith artifacts around the galaxy

he wanted to create a dark side masterpiece of creating fear and destroying the city but the jedi intervened and momin spirit was captured by the mask.

in the end he promises vader the ability to see padme again.

vader said he was lied before about the dark side and padme. so he's pissed about palpatine and padme promise.

i enjoy these stories, though this is kinda sicko. i have a pet cat myself and i wouldn't be happy if some budding serial killer killed my cat and gutted it and created some kind of shock art of it.

Momin is second to none. Lady Shaa disagreed, and I saw only one way to prove it to her."

momin killing his master shaa kinda reminds me of what superdave did to me lol.

i like the idea of learning secrets of the universe, which then confers superpowers. i once was interested in the idea of swedenborg and the new church as he wrote about angels, going beyond what the bible had to say about angels.

sadly i learned in science angels probably don't exist Sad i like the idea though. the appeal of harry potter is also about a kid learning magic.

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