memories of Halloween and lessons from real world of crime

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memories of  Halloween  and lessons from real world of crime Empty memories of Halloween and lessons from real world of crime

Post by redpill on Tue Oct 23, 2018 11:39 pm

Tue Oct 23, 2018

with Halloween just around the corner i want something to say about it from my life.

in the earliest childhood i don't recall celebrating it or trick or treating.

starting in elementary school and specifically when i attended public school, we celebrated Halloween. i originally didn't have a custom so they gave me a batman mask at school.

i remember watching on TV charlie brown the great pumpkin. i only have vague memories of it. i may have to re-watch it one day.

my babysitter had me and other kids go trick or treating and it was fun and at the time i loved candy.

in fourth grade, we had arts and crafts related to Halloween , and Halloween parties we students had to come up with, basically dressing up as ghosts and saying boo.

in high school there were Halloween and homecoming dances and in college i visited Halloween parties.

i am impressed with some creativity from pirates to zombies to cross dressing.

once a person who i knew from school rang my doorbell and i hated the girl as she was a bully.

and in second grade i remember one of my classmates was interviewed by the news crew over rumors that some bad guys were spiking candy with poison to poison kids.

this was roughly in the same time span and the Tylenol poisoning which was never solved

i've lost interest in Halloween, and i admit i don't buy candy and treat trick or treater kids. my home light is off.

one reason i do so is that actually are crimes involving trick or treaters.

listverse had one where a guy in a home did open the door to trick or treaters and was shot and killed.

and on ID they talked about a different guy who opened the door when trick or treaters rang, and was bum rushed and held at gun point then robbed and murdered.

so i'm leery about trick or treaters i don't feel safe.

in past years though i do see families and cars, and trick or treaters, and some people have their house lights on. my house light won't be on.

its a safety issue for me. pale

you only have 1 childhood in a lifetime

i am thankful that my elementary school made Halloween interesting by having us dress up in costumes, and having activities in class, i remember in sixth grade they introduced us to hot apple cider to drink. bobbing for apples.

and there was charlie brown the great pumpkin.

iirc in college years cable tv often had horror movies like jason, childrne of the corn, nightmare on elmstreet

i actually do NOT like horror movies. one major reason is that i still dream i have nightmares and in my nightmares i have had nightmares of being chased by jason or being killed or even freddy krueger so no i almost never watch gory horror movies.

depending on how Halloween turns out, i might watch Triangle, though at this point i've seen it dozens of times. its a short movie.

in past Halloween i often leave the house for mall or some place, bc i don't like the sound of ringing doorbells. alien cat pig pale

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