Halloween sega master system ghost house and nintendo ghost and goblins and black couldron

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Halloween sega master system ghost house and nintendo ghost and goblins and black couldron

Post by redpill on Wed Oct 24, 2018 1:01 pm

Wed Oct 24, 2018

in the spirit of Halloween which is fast approaching, i'd like to talk about my life as related to Halloween

you only have 1 childhood in a lifetime. i kinda wish i could be born in this era as i enjoy COD and first person shooters but sadly

my childhood was in the 70s and 80s.

in the mid 80s, my second console after Vectrix was the sega master system

compared to my neighbor's atari 2600, the coleco vision and intellivision and vectrix, i was totally blown away by the graphics sound and colors.

i thought it was awesome. the thum pad on the game pad hurt my thumb bad.

sega master system games came on catridges and on cards, which only sega had

one of my fav game on master system that came on the card was ghost house

it was colorful and cartoony

i liked seeing the spider webs and bouncing monsters and bats

the game quickly became repetitive but it was fun.

if i was completely isolated i think i'd be happy with with my purchase the problem is i went to school and all the kinds had the nintendo and were trading games in nintendo, locking me out

eventually i returned the sega and got a nintendo. while i really liked sega's games, the huge volume of games on nintendo made up for it.

my fav halloween themed game on nintendo was ghosts and goblins

ghosts and goblins was a much longer and a very hard game, but it was more of an adventure.

i liked the idea of playing a character and encountering halloween type creatures like ghosts vampires bats and fighting them.

in ghost and goblins there was a stage

i liked seeing ghosts come flying out of the trees.

on my tandy 1000sx

i enjoyed black couldron from sierra

as a young kid i was blown away and i thought this was the most awesome thing in the universe.

but i also thought if radio shack sold the tandy 1000sx for $799, and computer land sold the compaq deskpro 386 for $8000, what kind of games must be on the compaq deskpro!

i now know in 2018 with the full benefit of hindsight

Tandy 1000SX - The Best Overall Choice for IBM PC Gaming of the 1980s

ref http://nerdlypleasures.blogspot.com/2011/08/tandy-1000sx-best-overall-choice-for.html

even though apple sold the apple 2gs for $3000 and macintosh for $4000 and ibm sold the ps/2 for $8000

in the 1980s the very best computer was the tandy 1000sx, which i only bought bc i lived near a radio shack and computerland.

only tandy had tandy graphics and tandy sound, which pc did not have.

another halloween game i enjoyed was bard's tale.

in some ways it was a news feed game where the game displayed a news feed of the action, and then i had to use my imagination as to what was happening

since this was 80s, this game used words and text to describe the action. it would say

warrior swings and hits goblin for 5 points of damage!

i remeber gobbling up the news.

one of my classmates loaned me then allowed me to keep a booklet that goes into detail in the game plus maps and only then could i beat it.

im not a kid anymore. obviously graphics and games are infinitely better now than in the 80s.

but in the 80s, there was nothing better than a sega master system, a nintendo, and a tandy 1000sx which i could compare it to

so i thought it was the best.

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