Autism Coco Bradford 6, Jess Son Tommy and a student i saw at school

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Autism Coco Bradford 6, Jess Son Tommy and a student i saw at school Empty Autism Coco Bradford 6, Jess Son Tommy and a student i saw at school

Post by redpill on Fri Oct 26, 2018 5:56 pm

Fri Oct 26, 2018

 Coco Bradford 6 death in the news due to errors, but part of her story was she had autism

Autism Coco Bradford 6, Jess Son Tommy and a student i saw at school E9948310

she's smiling and seemingly happy so she doesn't look autistic but that's what the news reports say.

she doesn't look "different" she only got 6 years like JonBenet Ramsey

in the movie Triangle 2009, Jess' son Tommy was autistic

Heather told Sally Jess was a waitress at a diner, and that her son was autistic.

Sally said what do you want me to say i'm sorry he's retarded?

Heather yeah

Sally well i'm sorry, but i don't want to see Greg get shaken down.

when i saw this i sought of chuckled at how politically incorrect sally was. Sally is sort of waspish, though this is australia but set in florida.

Sally calls autism retards. not politically correct. the movie did an amazing job making the actor of tommy look retarded, but the actor looks normal. they gave him a bowl haircut.

i attended a public high school, and there was girl, who was Asian, who walked kinda slowly and always looked down and didn't look at anyone.

this was in the 80s. i and my classmates thought she was retarded.

there was no widespread internet in those days.

i now know from what i remember she most likely was autistic, and her difficulties, were common in autism.

i wonder how retardation differs from autism, but i know that lack of communication is a common sign and symptom.

with Coco she didn't talk, except a few words.

the hospital staff was castigated in a report that they seemingly showed indifference.

on youtube autism speaks shows what some parents have to go through with severe autism and i for one want no children, than a kid with autism.

it doesn't seem rewarding to be a parent of a kid with autism.

if i were a woman, i would like my fetus DNA tested for any genetic abnormality of any kind and if it has it, i'd want an abortion.

the idea of raising a kid who has special needs, or a psychopath like those 2 girls in Florida with serial killer worships Satan and wants to drink the blood and eat flesh of the girls, doesn't sound like something i'd want to have to deal with.

i've looked at bread mixes on amazon, i'm thinking of buying them but i need a PRIME membership on amazon. i'm not thinking is what to do when your kid is a psychopath who wants to murder and cannibalize other kids, like those parents in Florida.

i think i'd rather have a daughter like Coco with autism than those 2 daughters in Florida who are psychopath with Jeffrey Dahmer style fantasies, but i'm thinking of having no children is even easier life than having a kid with severe disabilities.

Coco with beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair is quite lucky, but she also had autism. and then she died from some sort of health problem.

i'd rather spend my time watching charlie brown movies and tandy 1000 games on youtube.

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