in the Spirit of Halloween in third grade a black kid dressed up as Hitler

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in the Spirit of Halloween in third grade a black kid  dressed up as Hitler Empty in the Spirit of Halloween in third grade a black kid dressed up as Hitler

Post by redpill on Fri Oct 26, 2018 10:02 pm

Fri Oct 26, 2018

in the Spirit of Halloween

my classmates who remember and who went to elementary school with me should remember a classmate named Andre

he loved Hitler, one of the books he came to class was a huge thick book on Hitler.

i remember i told him i heard bad things about Hitler that he did bad things.

He told me never to say that. He was a Hitler fan boy even though he was black.

He told me he loves Hitler bc Hitler knows what power is. Hitler had power. Again this was early 80s before anyone heard of Bill Gates. I have never heard of Bill Gates.

He read books on Adolf HItler, and said he read Hitler's Mein Kamp. Keep in mind he was deep black black and only 3rd grade, same grade as me. My fellow third graders also knew him to be a HItler fanboy.

For Halloween in third grade, somehow his family got him a Nazi uniform and he used a marker for a hitler mustache and he dressed up as hitler, complete with cap.

I don't think the teacher said anything. We were kinda expecting it.

I think he moved after fifth grade and I don't know what ever became of him.

Many years later i played Call of Duty and then world of Tanks and I got interested in WW2. I also saw Eric Cartmen dressed up as HItler on South Park. that was kinda funny.

then then the Hitler youtube paraodies from Downfall.

I once met a nice German national and I told her about the Hitler parodies. She's like yeah she doesn't want to talk about Hitler.

so yeah there was a black kid who loved Hitler and dressed up as Hitler for Halloween. he was only like 7 years old and deeply in love with Hitler, reading all the books about Hitler, incluidng Hitler's Mein Kampf.

bc, he explained. Hitler knew what power is.

somehow he and his family got for him a Hitler uniform that fits on a 7-8 year old and this was 1980s before internet.

if my classmates remember him, they'd probably remember this to.

If you only knew the POWER of the Daubert side

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