in dungeons and dragons the cleric was my favorite class and the real world

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in dungeons and dragons the cleric was my favorite class and the real world Empty in dungeons and dragons the cleric was my favorite class and the real world

Post by redpill on Sun Oct 28, 2018 9:16 pm

Sun Oct 28, 2018

with halloween around the corner

my yahoo had this news

The best way to bring families together? Slay a dragon
Quartz 15 hours ago

This move brought equal parts confusion and hilarity to a session of Dungeons & Dragons, the role-playing game my four siblings and I were playing. Table-top board games affirm human bonds through face-to-face interaction, which is liberating in an age saturated with virtual spaces. Earlier this year, talks to buy Settlers of Catan makers Asmodee for $1.4 billion showed that strategy games and the experience they offer continues to sell. ...

quite a few articles on dungeons and dragons

Dungeons, dragons and diversity: How the world's most influential ...
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An illustration of a female dwarf barbarian in the Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition Player's Handbook. Designers of the game said ...

Wizards of the Coast Wants You to Photoshop Your Own Dungeons ...
Gizmodo-Oct 26, 2018
Lucky winners judged by a panel of Adobe and D&D designers will get a chance to see their design turned into an official miniature, meet the ...

How the Art of Dungeons and Dragons Helped Make It a Phenomenon
VICE-Oct 23, 2018
Dungeons and Dragons rose to popularity in the late 1970s and early-1980s riding the wave of paranoia that culminated in what's been called ...

New D&D art book delivers the history of the original role-playing game
Polygon-Oct 22, 2018
A brand-new book brings together images from throughout the 40-plus year history of Dungeons & Dragons in one volume for the first time.

DnD was hugely popular when i was a kid of the 80s, but almost no kid knew how to actuallly play it. one of the DnD books had a walk through, i read it and i learned the correct intention and meaning of such concepts as saving throw, ability modifies, levels etc.

one of my fav class was the cleric

in dungeons and dragons the cleric was my favorite class and the real world 6a064610

it is in many ways patterned after real world clerics

they pray to the deities, which confers actual abilities and powers, read holy books and engage in religious activity.

D&D is mostly patterned after european medieval history, pre-science and pre-gun powder

therefore the D&D cleric is moderned after the catholic priest, and in AD&D as the cleric rises in levels, from acolyte to priest to bishop, are patterned after catholic hierarchy.

D&D clericic can perform healing spells, create food and water, blessings etc.

another ability they have is turning undead monsters like vampires and zombies, popular choices for halloween

the thing about the cleric and real world

is while there are plenty of churches and pastors priets rabbi and inman, they have no superhuman capabilities, no ability to heal the sick

i've seen syfy paranormal witness and discovery a haunting and some people claim to have haunted homes and hire a priest to form an exorcism

but for most people ghosts don't exist.

to give some idea of the issue

the bible clearly condemns homosexuals and says homosexuals should be put to death. and homosexuality is condemned both in the old testament leviticus and in the new testament writings

in the end, why should nonbelievers care what the bible says? there are no consequence, and there's plenty of homosexuals and homosexual porn on the web, with no response from god.

same claims can be made about abortion. i agree that jesus would be anti-abortion. he would not approve of women cutting up fetuses in their womb.

but why should women care what jesus thinks about abortion? recently the majority of women in ireland voted to legalize abortion, and gay marriage.

now, if jesus gave only certain select people the ability to perform real actual miracles like what was described in the gospels, and these benefits are only available to prolife anti-gay ers, and god then sends an epidemic of airborne ebola + small pox + flu

and only jesus appointed christians of the gnostic set can survive, who are prolife and anti-homosexuality,

um, ok.

life is like a game of Survivor, and God sets the rules of the game. if believing in jesus is like finding the hidden immunity idol, where the rules of the game is we have to deal with ebola pox flu virus, ok then.

what the real world is most like is that religion is a fairy tale, prayer and belief in jesus has no effect. there apparently are no demons or ghosts, though some people report this.

so there's no reason to pay attention to bible claims about abortion or homosexuality.

i do think though being a cult leader is kinda cool job. and the cleric is still my favorite class. holding a cross to wipe out vampires sounds cool.

and being a cult leader, as opposed to a real job of hard work, and talking about say Plato Allegory of the Cave or the gnostic gospel of thomas sounds like a nice lifestyle in many ways.

a swedenborg new church apparently closed for good, it was active for many years.

i wouldn't mind reading swedenborg than having a church following discussing swedenborg to my flock, provided they support me financially. but sadly at least 1 swedenborg church closed down.

i don't care for the book of mormons but there's 1 mormon church nearby and its doing well.

i sadly don't perform miracles.

so in the D&D world, imagine your daughter drives an ATV and it flips over and she dies. shes dead. from an ATV. well imagine a priest comes along and brings her back to life like jesus did in the gospels. life's good.

in the real world death is final, no coming back from death. though some near death do report paranormal experiences of heaven and the angels.

i do like on youtube documentaries on angels and listening to medieval gregorian chants and paintings on walls and stain glass windows of angels. has a sort of mystic effect on me.


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