my first pc build and computer renaissance

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my first pc build and computer renaissance Empty my first pc build and computer renaissance

Post by redpill on Fri Nov 09, 2018 4:54 pm

Fri Nov 09, 2018

my first pc build was in the 90s, after i sold off my powermac

this time i decided to go pc, and really its difficult to build your own mac, out of standard pc parts, called a hackintosh

my first build i had a celeron 300A and an aopen motherboard, with VGA monitor, first a nec flat monitor then a panasonic compact monitor, both nice.

i installed first windows 95 then windows 98 then 98se. i was told to stay away from windows ME.

windows ME was the first time in my life i saw this

my first pc build and computer renaissance Hqdefa74

on a pc

at the time i was amazed and hypnotized to see first a music player playing music and windows media player lets you rip music from cd.

my local public library let me borrow music cd's for free, then i could rip them on windows media player.

i heard of something called file sharing and napster and how those who traded music would get sued.

at the time i had a 56k modem and it was slow so the idea of downloading music seemed absurd. and why bother when it was faster just to visit the local library.

i eventually sold my computer to computer renaissance, which buys and sells used computers like used pc's.

the guy who i sold it gave me like $300, an indian guy and i was quite happy, but the owners were korean immigrants.

the local store went out of business but they still have stores

i wonder when a store by immigrants in this case a korean couple goes out of business, what happens to them when they go out of business?

i once visited a subway sandwitch shop, and it was a guy and girl indian immigrants and i smiled and asked if they were husband and wife, the indian guy was angry and promptly left. the indian woman said no and finished the order.

not good for business i think.

as with the swedenborg church that went out of business and closed, what happened to the korean ones now their store went out?

lots of video stores also went out.

from that time on i am a windows and office pre-ribbon pc guy.

i've mused about getting os x and a mac but i mostly just spend time on a pc

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