it's snowing heavily today and christmas cards

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it's snowing heavily today and christmas cards

Post by redpill on Mon Nov 12, 2018 4:25 pm

Mon Nov 12, 2018

it's snowing heavily today, leading to potentially dangerous road conditions. it is more likely i could lose control and careen and hit a tree or another car.

seeing snow fall and blown by the wind has always been a magical experience for me.

i like seeing these crystal balls

i had a few when i was a kid, not sure what happened to them. i could always buy them if i had to.

give them a good shake and snow floats. i think the liquid dries up. one of the ones i owned i accidentally broke and the liquid flowed out. i think somewhere i still have the base, it's a wind up where it plays music.

yeah in the days before modern electronics, like the 1970s, there were toys where you wind up using your hands and muscles, to wind up the toy and then it would either rotate in place or play music, by having a cylinder hit music keys.

when i was in a catholic elementary school one girl accused me of daydreaming and she said

yes you do
you daydream

yes you do yes you do

she was right. i was daydreaming. i did that a lot.

one thing i liked, and this was in the late 70s, before modern computers,

was look at christmas cards and crystal balls

when i was a young and this was in the 1970s before any modern computers or game consoles, where i didn't even know such things even existed, again it was in second grade that i saw a computer for the very first time in my life in a school library, the apple 2c, first time any of us saw one

i spent my time looking at this cards, and more to the point imagine what it would be like to somehow enter them.

what would it be like if i could somehow explore this or enter this world.

in the movie CS Lewis the chronicles of Narnia, the girl enters a closet and then among the wardrobe, enters into this other world of frozen ice and snow.

i had used my imagine for something similar. i imagine what it would be like to enter into this snow covered landscape and enter these buildings and explore them, and i even imagine this in class so i was in effect daydreaming.

i imagine this even before i heard of dungeons and dragons to.

for example i imagine myself entering here

and looking around.


with adventures and magic like being on a sleigh

again i used christmas cards which i adored, and i would stare at these photos, as there was no internet and pc's did not commonly exist. no one i knew originally in the late 70s and early 80s had a computer, though that quickly changed.

i was able to suplement this by experiencing it in real life, though obviously i was a child and it was really cold.

i still have photos of me as a boy of the 1970s, and in front yard was immense amounts of snow, and enough snow that i could dig tunnels through. there were a lot of snow then.

i couldn't get very far in the cold and the deep snow and wind, but i first used my imagination for these places, then explored the snow around my house.

in the 1970s there was talking of global cooling and a coming ice age, and there was plenty of snow

i remember in elementary school the discussion i had with the teacher who were adults about snow,

that as a kid i made snow angels and sled and made snow forts, but that grownups don't like snow.

i liked snow bc of snow day, schoool closing. grownups don't like show bc of driving conditions.

i know agree with the teachers Smile and i've gotten bigger, but i think from the mid 80s on there is substantially less snow now then when i was a kid, it seems, at least in the midwest. i am aware that there is still at times heavy snows in some parts of the usa.

i wonder how heavy it snows in australia.

so when i see these snow crystal balls, and christmas cards, and how it is snowing outside now for me i remember being a kid of the 1970s.

i of course would never imagine a world of pc's and iphones today, or gay rights or whatever. or leftists protesting trump. i was a kid when ronald reagan became president and my parents were happy and i was happy to. we thought with ronald reagan it would be a new hope, we were very happy with ronald reagan.

quite the opposite of what leftists did for donald trump.

at that age i was told about jesus and mary and joseph in a manager and yeah i spent my time trying to imagine that to.

my catholic school had nativity plays but i wasn't picked, but the bully who beat me up was. pale

later my evangelical bible study teacher from the moody bible institute told me catholicism is a false christian religion and that the pope is an antichrist and catholics are not christian, i found it to be rather easy to believe.

though i now think all religions are b.s including christian fundamentalism.

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