Stan Lee's death at 95 and comics superheros Darth Vader #23 Momin

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Stan Lee's death at 95 and comics superheros Darth Vader #23 Momin

Post by redpill on Wed Nov 14, 2018 6:27 pm

Wed Nov 14, 2018

Stan lee has died at age 95. i would be happy to live to age 95 in good health and wealthy.

I grew up watching his superheros on tv and reading comics, and for the most part, i prefer Marvel superheroes esp Wolverine over DC.

I gravitated toward the X-men and wolverine. I was never an Avengers or FF or Hulk fan. For the most part I didn't care for DC's offering though the batman movie was entertaining.

I actually preferred comics and superheroes over classic literature, even though I know that the English lit teachers preferred Shakespeare and Milton.

The stories of Wolverine and Sabretooth, for example, was a lot more captivating for me than Hamlet or King Lear. I know the top universities teach Shakespeare and prefer students who excel in classic literature, but the science fiction stories of Wolverine getting his skeleton was a lot more fun for me.

Plus you can play videogames involving wolverine, but I am not aware of any video game where you can play Hamlet or King Lear or Romeo and Juliet.

I think in some ways, I was told that classical music of Mozart and Beethoven is far superior to the rock music o Beattles or Michael Jackson, even though rock music in various forms is what my peers actually listened to. I didn't know any student who listens to classic music, except the Asian who played violin.  I preferred Wolverine and the X-men over the Great Gatsby and Moby Dick. I know on an intellectual level literary types think these classics have some themes of the human condition, cause i read cliff notes for basically every book i read in school that was a classic book. Cliff notes are  a life saver.

I just prefer the stories as told in star wars and kung fu panda, and even vikings. that genre, not the material in the classics.
And i like magic and martial arts.

I now prefer star wars comics, esp Darth Vader, over Marvel's universe.

I just read Darth Vader #23

Momin vs Vader showdown sounds fun!

If you only knew the POWER of the Daubert side

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