kung fu panda the paws of destiny

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kung fu panda the paws of destiny

Post by redpill on Fri Nov 16, 2018 3:56 pm

Fri Nov 16, 2018

on wed i read

about lord mormin

a sith lord playing Survivor with Darth Vader. momin promised that when he completes his castle he will provide vader a chance to be reunited with padme but in reality he double crossed and betrayed vader and used it to reunite with his younger body

treachery is the way of the sith

when it comes to kung fu panda, i watched all 3 movies, seen every episode of all 3 seasons of legend of awesomeness, which i found funny, and the holiday special.

i read that season 3 was the last season of kung fu panda so i was NOT expecting a season 4

i saw 3 episodes thus far and they are taking the franchise in  a new direction,
in the movies and 3 seasons it was Po and the fabulous five

in season 4,  they introduced 4 young pandas each with special powers.

it kinda reminds me of dungeons and dragons cartoon of yore.

i thought its okay, thus far, but the artwork and animation is truly spectacular

my jaw dropped. they really improved the artwork and animation. in the past i thought dreamworks how to train your dragon was the pinacle of cgi animation but this easily rivals it.

sadly with star wars resistance they took steps back.

i hope to see more seasons of the paws of destiny

i've always liked dungeons and dragons type fantasy, and this is set in the Orient, in china. with martial arts and magic.

i think i'm still a kid at heart, i really am dazzled by kung fu panda the paws of destiny

in terms of graphics. i never really enjoyed how to train your dragon so far paws of destiny is fun

i've always loved fantasy sets like this, and magic and mystical martial arts.

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