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people magazine investigates gone in 90 seconds  Mikelle Biggs Empty people magazine investigates gone in 90 seconds Mikelle Biggs

Post by redpill on Tue Nov 20, 2018 10:16 pm

Tue Nov 20, 2018

i just finished watching people magazine investigates gone in 90 seconds Mikelle Biggs season 3 episode 3

i knew of this story and i heard it,

but this documentary has a dramatization of the events

that Mikelle and her sister heard an ice cream truck they waited to get ice cream. it was getting cold so her sister returned to her home, when she came back in 90 seconds Mikelle was gone. her bicycle was there as were 2 quarters.

the father was a suspect, he lied about being at work, he was actually with his mistress so that's why he lied, and he failed the polygraph, but eventually with a timeline they concluded he didn't do it.

Mikelle was one of the largest child searches in arizona state history, kinda reminds me
of eloise worledge, there the father was also the prime suspect.

they interviewed every ice cream truck many were not operating.

detectives were mystified how Mikelle could disappear in 90 seconds and her sister didn't see a car. they took a stop watch and asked her sister to repeat all the events that happened and timed it and sure enough it was 90 seconds like she said, but she saw no cars or persons.

the direction the bike a was pointing was back to the biggs home.

one neighbor an elderly woman was beaten up and left for dead and the perp put a pizza on the stove to try to start a house fire and burn the evidence.

it was a neighbor who attacked her and hid behind her fridge. in my home the fridge is next to the wall so there's no space.

he entered the home as a home intruder and attacked and raped an elderly woman yuck.

he was investigated for Mikelle's disappearance he denied it and they found no evidence. he was also a sex offender and lived close to Mikelle

years later a dollar bill was found in wisconsin 2000 miles away in 2018 but it was deemed a hoax. for one thing handwriting didn't match, for the other, bill had mispelled mikelle's name.

this was not solved.

i think they should attempt to recreate a crime scene at that location, to see whether 90 seconds is possible for mikelle to disappear, and whether its enough time for a vehicle to leave

if not then perhaps she was abducted on foot to a nearby home.

this happened in day light in a neighborhood and no one saw anything

ngl - this sounds almost paranormal, like a portal opened up, an entity grabbed her and then pulled her through the portal to the other side of an alternate reality

there are several stories this reminds me of, from morgan nick to nicole morin.

i think one way to approach this crime is to have her sister present and then have actors try to determine which is more plausible, abduction into a car, or abduction on foot to a nearby home.

since the sister says it was 90 seconds and she saw or heard nothing no screams and no cars, perhaps mikelle was abducted by someone on foot.

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