RDI myth busters, what intruder would write a ransom note after killing Jonbenet vs real intruders

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RDI myth busters, what intruder would write a ransom note after killing Jonbenet vs real intruders

Post by redpill on Wed Nov 21, 2018 12:01 pm

Wed Nov 21, 2018

i've fought RDI smear lords on a variety of forums from websmear to reddit to unsolved mysteries forum

one RDI myth is along the lines that

what intruder would murder Jonbenet in her home while her parents slept upstairs, stage the crime scene, then write a long and pointless ransom note then leave without taking the body, negating any possibility of collecting a ransom.

one RDI poster on unsolved mysteries called this logically and factually correct, and cannot be refuted.

i refuted it and he never replied.

the first refutation, RDI mythbusting is the claim

what intruder would murder Jonbenet then write a long 3 page ransom note, the war and peace of ransom notes, while the parents and brother are upstairs sleeping, risking discovery.

RDI claim this but a simple review of the events of that night show that the Ramseys left their home around 4 pm for the White party, a fact confirmed by the Whites when they arrived. They left and returned around 9pm, given an intruder 5 hours alone in the home.

5 hours alone in the home is plenty of time to write a ransom note, even a 3 page ransom note.

that's assuming of course that the ransom note wasn't written days even weeks in advance, that an intruder casing the Ramsey home didn't enter the home weeks in advance, removed the notepad with Patsy's handwriting, tore pages out, and practiced her handwriting.

second myth busting is why would an intruder do this or that

when RDI claim what an intruder would or would not do, have they ever looked at any actual intruders?

yesterday i saw and heard for the first time

people magazine investigates season 3 episode 2 the Philadelphia center city rapist Troy Graves

here are screenshots i took

On May 7, 1998, Wharton School doctoral student Shannon Schieber was raped and murdered by a home intruder.

Tory Graves is an actual home invading hone intruder

his crimes are sexually motivated home intruder. he doesn't steal anything, he just sexually assaults.

His MO is he first stalks his victims and learns her habits and if she is alone and single, targets white females.

he slips in, and in one case there were bars over the window, he managed to squeeze through a 7 inch gap.

he then enters the home when the woman is away, and lies hidden in the home, and when the woman returns and is alone, he attacks.

the women who survived said they were taken completely by surprise. they had NO IDEA there was an intruder in the home, no indication there was someone there.

one woman thought initially this was a joke or prank, someone she knew was playing a prank.

these women also do not recognize this intruder and never met him, but he knows them bc of his stalking.


Troy Graves

is an actual home invading home intruder who raped many white women in 2 different cities 1600 miles apart

he watches, he then enters when the woman is away. he then hides in her home for several hours undetected until the woman returns and is alone.

Jonbenet's intruder killer could have done what Troy Graves did, and that is watch the Ramseys leave the home on Dec 25 for the White Party at 4pm, slipped in through the basement window, lie and wait undetected for 5 hours, wrote the ransom note, and waited for everyone to be asleep before he struck.

this also makes me wonder if i had been a single woman, would i be raped and murdered like Wharton School doctoral student Shannon Schieber?

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