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butterfly people of Joplin  mothman angels Empty butterfly people of Joplin mothman angels

Post by redpill on Wed Nov 21, 2018 10:13 pm

Wed Nov 21, 2018

have you heard of the butterfly people of Joplin?

here's background

An EF5 tornado tore through Joplin, Missouri, on 22 May 2011. The tornado, a mile wide, killed 158 people in this town of 50,789 and injured 1,150; insurance damage claims reached toward $3 billion. When the storm was gone, and dazed residents started to shift through the rubble of what was once their lives, stories, strange stories began to seep through the horror. Stories of hope. Stories of the Butterfly People.

The tornado struck on a Sunday, flattening nearly 1,000 homes, and destroying neighborhoods. Businesses toppled. A big swath of the town looked like a war had been waged there. It had. Nature won.

...But the stories didn’t end. More people, always children and from all around the city, reported seeing the same thing, people with wings – and they were always described as butterflies. Butterfly People standing, and flying over them in the storm, protecting them from the raining debris. Wind tossed around a car of a man and his daughter, but the little girl wasn’t afraid because “beautiful”

so  158 people  were killed in Joplin by a tornado

but those who survived many of the children reported seeing butterfly people who saved them

Some said that the butterfly people protected them during the storm.

Although there are many versions of the story, the St. Louis Post Dispatch reports that there were two common descriptions of the sightings. Both of those accounts share the same foundation: the tornado barreled toward a child and a parent, but the child saw a “butterfly person” hovering above, protecting them. In both stories, the parent and child emerged unharmed.

As the accounts circulated, more and more children came forward, saying that they too saw the butterfly people. Some say they believe that the butterfly people were angels; others called them an indescribable presence.

the description sounds like mothman, though mothman is a terrifying presence often associated with misfortune
of course a torando is also a misfortune. mothman isn't known to save lives but butterfly people do.

the behavior of these butterfly people is more like angels.

so what about the killed 158 people? did the butterfly people not care about them? and what about other disasters?

i wouldn't mind a visit from a butterfly person, to fix my mom of dementia and in case of a tornado or other disaster like a pending car accident.

the skeptical explanation is the children were suffering from fear induced hallucination.

i do find it interesting that apparently there were no reports of butterfly people prior to this tornado disaster  on 22 May 2011.

there's no long tradition of children around the world and through history of survivors who report being saved by the butterfly people.

still if they exist i'd like to meet one as they seem benevolent.  i could use them for health and safety, and maybe manipulate some lottery balls for me Smile

i've looked up to the sky and ask, butterfly people are you there? but thus far i've not seen or heard anything. pale

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