Alyssa Nicole {True Crime} youtube channel should i also have a youtube channel?

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Alyssa Nicole {True Crime} youtube channel should i also have a youtube channel?

Post by redpill on Thu Nov 22, 2018 11:54 pm

Thu Nov 22, 2018

there are several youtube channels, and they all ask to be a patreon supporter. i look at

several star wars channels like star wars theory, explained, comics reading club stupendous wave,


several tech channels like lgr 8-bit elf linuxguy i look at,

several paranormal channels like top5 bigfoot

i just found Alyssa Nicole {True Crime} youtube channel

here she talks about a jane doe i've never heard of

it's very time consuming and takes a lot of time to research then present it, like a book report of yore

but i know money can be made from these channels.

Alyssa Nicole kinda looks like Morgan ingram

some of her true crime she talks about overlaps with some of the posts here.

i just found her channel today.

i spend at least an hour writing up a blog post here, doing a video and research would probably take a lot more time pale

and it takes many hours to research from mr cruel to occk

for me topics would be all over the place, from star wars which is well covered by other star wars channels to paranormal topics to true crime, to events of my life.

personally i prefer professional produced documentaries with dramatization and recreations such as people magazine investigates and on the case with paula zahn etc.

but of course there are plenty of interesting crimes from occk to mr cruel to eloise worledge to jane does and john does for which there are no documentaries

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