when i returned home from school in early 80s during winter

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when i returned home from school in early 80s during winter

Post by redpill on Tue Nov 27, 2018 7:25 pm

Tue Nov 27, 2018

there was a blizzard where i live and now it's snow and cold and windy and dark outside.

when i was a kid in the 80s, i would return home from school, my parents were working

so i often would sit in front of the tv with my homework

there were cartoons on tv on channels like upn and fox, i had to use rabbit ear antennas to adjust them to get good reception

a lot of the houses in my neighborhood at external atennas to get free tv on chimneys

so my house was heated, there was snow and cold and the sun sets early and becomes dark quickly. i didn't drive yet being a kid

i watched cartoons on fox and upn


he-man and robotech

along with voltron

the main channels like abc cbs and nbc had shows like different strokes, what's happening, silverspoon, the brady bunch

i preferred cartoons and the fantasy world they depicted

i often was also learning

i did homework to, like cursive writing, multiplication tables, story problems like sally has $5, how many $1 apples and $2 oranges can she buy?

i do wonder what other kids my age were doing, esp during the winter time.

when the weather was warmer, either i would visit other kids and ring on their doorbell, or they would visit me and ring on my doorbell

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