how spin became redpill and superdave's funniest things

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how spin became redpill and superdave's funniest things

Post by redpill on Sat Dec 01, 2018 3:08 pm

Sat Dec 01, 2018

on the now defunct crimeshots  JonBenet Ramsey forum where i, inspector rex, Mama2JML, rupert roy23 statusquo zen9000 and superdave and smurf and fairm were all memebers

i originally called myself "spinlord" then shorten to "spin"

spin, since rdi like to use the term


for ramsey spin team, so i figure i should call myself spin as a homage to rst

i then discovered

the power of the daubert side of the forensics

which is a pathway to many intruder truths the rdi would find to be unnatural

so i contacted the admin crimehosts1 to change it to

redpill, from the movie the matrix

the rdi are living in a computer generated fake news called the matrix of ramsey rdi nonsense.

the redpill leads to intruder theory

i'm not sure if superdave ever saw the movie the matrix, as i told him, you hear that sound, it is the sound of your death, it is the sound of idi. goodbye mr dave.

i dont think superdave ever saw matrix though he has seen transformers batman and superman, and imo matrix is far superior to all 3. i suspect the ideas are beyond his comprehension.

superdave called me acid pill, several other pills like poison pill, sugar pill

but my fav was


he liked to call me placebo, but then highlight it and color it red

he thinks my posts are


and don't lead from rdi to intruder theory but


are ineffect

which hahahaah. that guy is kinda funny.

sadly his feeble attempts are no match for the power of the daubert side of the forensics, and he ran away.

If you only knew the POWER of the Daubert side

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