Tyke the Elephant's Last Day on Earth People for the Ethical Treatment of Animal Abortion

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Tyke the Elephant's Last Day on Earth People for the Ethical Treatment of Animal Abortion

Post by redpill on Tue Dec 04, 2018 7:10 pm

Tue Dec 04, 2018

today i click on listverse

10 Most Heartbreaking And Tragic Deaths Of Circus Animals

*warning* if you are into animal rights this list is rather disturbing cause it has actual cases of circus animals being abused

the first entry was Tyke the Elephant's Last Day on Earth

this video was uploaded by PETA
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animal

i knew a super liberal jew teen girl who was a member of peta.

when i asked her about abortion she said she is super prochoice. abortion is a woman's right. pretty much every jew woman i met is prochoice.

it always struck me as hypocritical that many animal rights activists including PETA say this as a moral principle, but ignore the fetus, which does qualify as an animal.

Peta's real motto should be animals shouldn't be mistreated except the human fetus, which is fair game.

now i am prochoice on abortion, and i think it's okay for a woman to kill her fetus, but i also eat animals and eat meat, and i hope medical research on animals will provide cures, so long as the animal isn't cats.

PETA obviously do not think animal fetuses can be subjected to cruelty, but obviously human fetuses can be terminated.

yahoo has an article by an angry feminist that tax dollars should go to supporting a woman's right to abortion.

which if tax dollars did that, why not free dental to? free cosmetic and free sex change surgery.

leftists want everything free, and are opposed to capitalism bc you have to pay for stuff.

i asked the animal rights peta jew why she thinks fetuses are not animals and don't enjoy animal rights and her response was that's different. um ok. she is a vegan so she does do that. i told her i support abortion rights but i eat meat to.

she told me fishing is morally wrong since a fish can feel pain, for which i said so a human fetus with a brain larger than any fish can be torn to pieces in an abortion?

a "consistent" animal rights position, one i can respect but don't adhere to, is being vegan, and supporting all animal rights, including the human fetus. which means being prolife.

i actually do support providing women free abortions at tax payer's expense, since the world is full of serial killers, thugs, robbers, drunk drivers, addicts, and i figure abortion is the bests way to prevent problems from ever being born.

then again, free dental and free medical for everyone also sounds nice. i actually think i do support democratic socialism medicare for all. not sure how it would work out in terms of tax revenue and finances. i am well aware of socialism's long history of failures.

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