young Sheldon tandy 1000 and my memories

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young Sheldon tandy 1000 and my memories

Post by redpill on Thu Dec 06, 2018 5:12 pm

Thu Dec 06, 2018

i'm going through all the tandy 1000 videos i can find on youtube and i found this clip from an episode of  young sheldon

Young Sheldon - Episode 1.12 - A Computer, a Plastic Pony, and a Case of Beer - Sneak Peek 1

young sheldon is a fictional character, but it is based on real life genius in physics, and child prodigy

sadly i'm not the genius young sheldon was though i was in the honors tract and i took honors courses leading to AP classes in high school. i took honors math leading to AP calculus BC, but i'm not those child prodigies you hear about in the news who took calculus at age 4 like sheldon was.

still watching and listening to this clip brought back memories for me.

the clip says power is a deadly narcotic and for him the tandy 1000sl was his drug of choice

is exactly my life experience and at about the same age as him.

i did exactly that, in the same store, only in 1987 and with the tandy 1000sx

i would bicycle to my local radio shack and play with their tandy 1000sx and talked to the store employees.

they actually treated me like an adult and answered my questions and took me seriously. they didn't treat me like some kid they took me as a potential buyer.

and exactly like young sheldon i got my mom involved

unlike the tandy 1000sl, the tandy 1000sx in 1987 came with deskmate 1.0 which is far more primitive than what was shown.

this shows exactly what i did, only on the 1000sx

this video shows young sheldon being fascinated with this

i had no interest in that, at all.

like sheldon i memorized my tandy 1000sx specs, it was an intel 8088 running at 7.16mhz with 640k (upgrade from 384k for $99) dual 5 1/4 for only $799

what i was interested in was

here young sheldon asking mom to buy it

that's what i ended up doing, asking my mom to buy it


i didn't mention spread sheet or word processor, or recipes what i did say though was computers are the future, in the future we wil be using computers, so i needed to get familiar with that future now.

but the real reason was games Smile

i still remember the guy i bought it from, allan who also installed the 640k memory upgrade and the trackstar apple compatbility board

now, in 2018 with the benefit of hindsight i know that strictly speaking the tandy 1000sx or 1000sl wasn't all that powerful, though at its price point of $799 it's pretty good for what it delivers in comparison to the competition.

the commodore amiga and arguably the apple 2gs was more powerful, and ibm sold the ps/2 for like $3000.

what i now know though is that

1- tandy 1000 was MS DOS compatible, the amiga and apple 2gs were not
2- tandy 1000 offered the best 16 color graphics and 3-voice sound in its time period.

the tandy 1000 was actually the best DOS gaming machine of the 1980''s for both graphics AND sound.

buying a $10,000 IBM ps/2 model 80 or $8000 386 compaq deskpro wouldn't in any way improve the gaming experience on DOS. the $799 tandy 1000 offered better DOS gaming and graphics than those computers.

while the amiga and apple did offer better graphics and sound, if i had bought one, i would have no one to get games.

most of my games i was able to get for free by trading for it. from space quest to police quest to kings quest i got a lot of free tandy 1000 games just by trading.

the situation was a lot like nintendo, which lots of kids had and traded for, vs sega master which had better graphics but no one owned, or D&D vs AD&D.

there were mail order ibm pc clones where they offered 286 processor and ega graphics, but many games supported specifically tandy 1000 graphics and tandy 1000 3-voice sound, in the 1980s. that changed in 1990s with VGA and sound blaster and adlib gaming cards.

but by 1990s i was finishing high school and entering college.

for young sheldon and for me, by being a boy in the 1980s the tandy 1000 was actually the best DOS gaming pc you can buy.

there was a couple of rich kids who owned a macintosh, not sure if they played it, or apple 2gs and their rich parents bought them all the software they wanted. as opposed to borrowing for free which is what i did.

the only thing i would change in a time machine is that about 6 months after i bought the tandy 1000sx there was the tandy 1000tx with a 286 processor and about a year after that, the tandy 1000tl with better graphics sound and better deskmate

but if you've wondered what my life was like as a kid, watch this episode of young sheldon, i did the same thing he did, i entered a radio shack spoke to radio shack employees, i'd ask them about the games and i'd play them.

i spent my boyhood playing games like black couldron and kings quest' on a tandy 1000sx Smile

i know more athletic boys spent their time playing either baseball or football, or bball if they were black.

i know girls my age had no interest in this. i did ask girls if they had any tandy 1000 games they'd like to trade and their answer is

what's a tandy 1000. then again when abortion came up in my health class, and mesntruation, i had no idea what that was.

before the tandy 1000 as a young child of the 1970s i liked to look at christmas cards and imagine exploring this

like leaving this world and entering that world,

and now in the 80s i was still a kid but i could do this

prior to tandy 1000sx i spent my time reading

and with the tandy 1000sx with black couldron and kings quest as better than dungeons and dragons.

even when i beat these games i still replayed them over and over.

i mean there's this world then when i play these games on the tandy 1000 i enter that world.

the tandy 1000 offered the best graphics and sound, many games required a tandy 1000, and while amiga and apple 2gs offered better graphics and sound, i'd have to buy those games rather than trade them and get them for free.

my tandy 1000 also had trackstar and i had a handful of apple 2e games like conan and bard's tale and karateka and oregon's trail.

the tandy 1000sx, other than the fact that the tandy 1000tx came out with 286 processor which was twice as fast, didn't disappoint. my mom bought it for me, i brought it home, i talked to other kids then i got a lot of games for free by trading and i got games that took advantage of the 1000 graphics and sound and i played black couldron and king quest as well as DOS games like spacewar and tetris. i got the cm-11 premium monitor to.

these tandy 1000 games  allowed me to have a D&D like fantasy adventure. and mostly free via trading.

life was good.

one guy i traded a lot from was a guy named Otto, and he had a leading edge model D which had ordinary 4-color cga graphics and no enhanced sound capabilities. so while he also played black couldron and king quest it was not a very good experience. others had IBM pc or pc xt or even ibm ps/2.

thexder was also awesome

at that age i was also a huge fan of robotech. and i enjoyed voltron, both the lions and the vehicles and transformers and gobots.

playing thexder was like having an experience of robotech

i'm not sure if any girls my age had any interest in this.

if girls weren't watching transformers or robotech, or reading comics like wolverine and the xmen, or playing video and computer games and dungeons and dragons, what were they doing in their free time? hmmm

the only thing i'd change is waiting 6 months and getting the much faster tandy 1000tx with 286 or a year and getting the tandy 1000tl. if my parents were rich the amiga and buying all the games would be nice. but with tandy i got my games for free by trading.

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