people magazine investigates Joyce McClain 16

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people magazine investigates Joyce McClain 16

Post by redpill on Wed Dec 12, 2018 11:13 pm

Wed Dec 12, 2018

today i watched what is fast becoming my fav crime show
people magazine investigates  

it's about a murder in Maine in 1980 i've never heard of

u]Joyce Marie McLain 16[/u]
4 Sep 1963 -
1963- August 8, 1980

conviction in 2018

Philip Fournier, 58, who is currently appealing

with evidence presented i have no doubt he is guilty

apparently the appeal is based on legal technicalities over the admissibility of evidence.

i'm watching this documentary having seen similar white girls getting abducted raped and murdered and i'm thinking wow.

it seems like she was abducted while jogging, based on speculation on how the crime was committed.

she was only 16 when she was murdered way back in 1980 but it is only in 2018  40 years later there was a conviction.

Philip Fournier, 58, in 1980 was 19 and told his pastor he didn't have actual sex with Joyce though he intended to rape her was that she was menstruating. this was not known even to the detectives it was only discovered on autopsy as she had a tampon.

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