my experience with medical procedures lasix, accutane and psychedelic experience

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my experience with medical procedures lasix, accutane and  psychedelic experience Empty my experience with medical procedures lasix, accutane and psychedelic experience

Post by redpill on Fri Dec 14, 2018 10:24 pm

Fri Dec 14, 2018

after the suicide of TV meteorologist Jessica Starr 36

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there are many articles of persons who committed suicide after lasix

REVEALED: The other laser eye surgery patients who have committed suicide, as questions continue over the risk of the procedure after a beloved Fox TV meteorologist killed herself

At least three other people committed suicide after having corrective laser eye surgery
The families of Max Cronin, Colin Dorrian and police officer Lawrence Campbell claim that all three wrote about considering suicide because of eye pain
In 2008 the FDA held a hearing for testimony about the surgery
But regulations have not changed despite thousands of complaints allegedly filed to the FDA
In the wake of meteorologist Jessica Starr's suicide months after undergoing SMILE laser eye surgery, questions about the risks of vision correction surgery have come to the surface anew.

Starr's was by no means the first suicide that followed a laser eye surgery operation that left a patient in constant pain, according to their families, suicide notes critics of laser procedures.

Max Cronin, Colin Dorrian and Officer Lawrence Campbell, all committed suicide, and all wrote notes suggesting that they experienced excruciating pain after laser eye surgery that made life unlivable.

One support group claims that they are among at least 17 other patients who underwent LASIK, a similar but slightly more invasive surgery to SMILE.

Over a decade ago, at a 2008 Food and Drug Administration (FDA) hearing about LASIK, the agency heard testimony from family members of patients driven to suicide after the procedure.

But one outspoken critic, former FDA member Dr Morris Waxler, told Daily Mail Online that the FDA didn't listen to those testimonies or the 'thousands' of complaints made since - making it 'complicit' in these deaths.

'There shouldn't be any of these surgeries,' says Dr Waxler.

'How many people have to suffer because some come out okay? It's just one big scam.'

According to the FDA's most recent study 95 percent of patients, however, are pleased with the results of their operations.

Often cited, the patients that experience serious complications from laser eye surgery is estimated to be less than one percent.

But Dr Waxler says that estimate is too low.

my experience with medical thus far

i've had lasix and yes my eyes were dry but my vision improved instantly and i was okay after a couple of days. now, i have the reverse problem where reading up close is difficult. apparently i can have my lenses replaced so i can read.

overall i was pleased and i had no depression or anything with lasix.

i've had accutane and my body and eyes were dry, but my acne cleared up well mostly, and i didn't have any lasting side effects that i know of. AFAIK.

my triglcyerides went through the roof of around 400mg/dl+ i was put on simvastatin and then fenobrate and it plummeted.

so that's 2 lasix and accutane that didn't have any psychological effect on me.

i had a wisdom tooth removed and i was sedated.

the first time i had it done, i had 3 deeply impacted wisdom tooth removed. the anesthetic knocked me out.

i actually wanted the oral surgeon to remove all 4 but he said he was running out of time and that i might recover.

he said he's never seen wisdom teeth in all his years of practice as deeply impacted as mine, they were extremely difficult to remove.

i had no lasting issues. i healed normally.

more than a decade later i was feeling pain and i had the 4th and final removed.

this time he asked if i said i should undergo anesthesia

i said ok

the operation to remove it went fine. having my fourth wisdom tooth removed went fine and i realized that this is in principle no different than an abortion, that removing a fetus from the uterus is no different than removing a wisdom tooth from the jaw.

i healed normally.

what this did have an effect is i had a psychedelic experience.

i don't know what anesthetic he used, and what dose, but i was partially consciousness, unlike before,

what i saw while conscious was

moving lines colors boxes similar to this

my experience with medical procedures lasix, accutane and  psychedelic experience 2028e510

i could still sort of sense the surgeon but through that experience.

overall it was a very deeply unsettling psychological experience for me. i thought i had died. i was having a near body type experience. when i was coming to, i was talking nonsense and the staff present heard it. they told me i was talking but not making sense.

i don't want to do drugs that might cause me to re-experience this sort of psychedelic experience, like LSD or mescaline.

i felt i had died. that my soul has left my body then entered some alternate reality.

i kinda felt like was a puddle of water a sentient puddle of water

my experience with medical procedures lasix, accutane and  psychedelic experience Muddy_10

somehow viewing an alternate dimension, another "reality" filled with grid like colored lights.

i think the next time i'm put under i'm going to make sure i get completely knocked out, not semi conscious.

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