when David Hughes aka superdave is released from prison & JonBenet Ramsey & cynic the irony

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when David Hughes aka superdave is released from prison & JonBenet Ramsey & cynic the irony

Post by redpill on Sat Jan 05, 2019 4:21 pm

Sat Jan 05, 2019

when David Hughes aka superdave is released from prison

at some time in the future, he'll older but still middle age, i think.

is he going to re-join reddit, websleuth ffj and other forums to discuss The Unsolved Murder of JonBenet Ramsey

will i still be alive or will car accidents, flu, murder, cancer take me by then? i might very well be dead by then.

will SD still pursue The Unsolved Murder of JonBenet Ramsey as an RDI, assuming it is still unsolved?

tricia griffith said that 22 years ago he joined websleuth as an RDI.

he seemingly spent several hours every day for 22 years on Jonbenet.

i was one of the many he spoke to, but I was the only one who outed him as a sith  

in all likelihood i'll move on from Jonbenet, assuming i'm still alive.

i had seriously considered joining him as furyofdragon on reddit, along with ffj cynic aka goodsouthernsense

since we last spoke i've seen tfa tlj twc & many star wars comics.

The Unsolved Murder of JonBenet Ramsey is just not the same with my very own sith apprentice

assuming i'm still alive when he's released from prison

too much i think will have changed, for one thing he's not welcomed at websleuth anymore. and he's missing out on a lot of future star wars, not just the movies but comics and cartoons which i watch.

i only knew SD for a few years when it all ended, and seemingly it will be forever.

&   JonBenet Ramsey isn't all that much fun for me without him, as i love star wars.

one of the saddest ironies of all these,

SD was an RDI nutjob who had quite a  large following of RDI.

cynic used the term IDI nutjobs.

he called jameson an idi nutjob, me, holdontoyourhat, inspector rex, roy23 anti-K we are all idi nutjobs

i once told superdave to tell cynic to come join me on crimeshots

cynic told superdave he only talks to "real" people

cynic talks to superdave as a real person. he refuses to talk to me bc i'm not a real person.

i'm a nutjob


cynic spent all this years talking to superdave and refuses to talk to me, though he didn't realize he did talk to me on reddit on jonbenet before i got banned there, as goodsouthersense, where he told me to read a fraud named delmar england.

the irony of it all is that in all these years cynic and superdave talked, cynic was talking to a pedophile. don't worry cynic if you're reading it, i didn't detect it either.

oh and cynic if you want to join this forum to discuss feel free to do so, all i ask is you start memorizing all the lines from all the star wars movies, and the cartoon twc and rebels, so you can replace my previous apprentice SD.

so when i say, even you, cynic, master of the knights of fringe, have never faced such a test. you should know that was what Snoke told Kylo ren in TFA. and i expect a line from star wars, any line, as a comeback Smile like my previous appentice SD who i think is funny.

the other irony is that SD's former RDI fans on websleuth have turned on him calling him a monster, and creepy and disgusting. they are going through all the news reports, the arrest affidavet, his earlier posts. they turned on him.

SD, who spent all these years caling IDI the ramsey spin team, with RST like tactics dirty tricks

this IDI is sad to see him go. i've already memorized all the lines from the newest star wars movies like

we are what they grow beyond, that is the true burden of any master - yoda in the last jedi

it is time, for the Jedi to end. " luke

"by the grace of your teachings i will not be seduced" kylo ren TFA

so i am in charge now?
"i would be careful you would not choke on your ambition director krannic" vader  rogue one

my brain is a sponge for star wars and superdave is the only one who appreciates it.

i had a lot of new lines for SD and now he's in jail for pedophilia pale

people now question his motives as a pedophile pursuing  JonBenet Ramsey

i don't care if cynic thinks im an idi nutjob, now that sd is in prison, if cynic starts memorizing star wars he can join me here and even call me a idi nutjob.

cynic, if so powerful you are, why leave?

all the star wars i had in store for SD and it's forever gone. i wonder if i will ever find another sith apprentice i can role play with, perhaps on some other topic. confused

in the years to come the story of superdave as an rdi on websleuth topix reddit forumsforjustice will be like the story of lord momomin

his story will be supressed and he'll be deemed a heretic like momomin

i miss superdave already.

if cynic wants to join this forum, or any rdi, feel free to do so, but i want an RDI replacement for superdave,  not only do i watch the star wars movies but also the cartoon and comic.

this is how rdi dies. with thunderous applause

If you only knew the POWER of the Daubert side

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